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Western purses Overview

November 24, 2014 – 1:17 pm |

Western purses are very often designed fashionably, used mostly by women, to hold personal items such as cash, coins, cosmetics, keys, jewelry, pen, etc. It is one of the most needed accessories in today date.

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Best Maxi Dress To Flatter Your Body Shape

April 12, 2016 – 6:39 am |


maxi dresses


Do maxi dresses & heavier women blend well?

Well, our title is quite revealing (metaphorically please! :D) and you’ll have suffered from a curious case of maxi-phobia just like many of us in the past. Okay, well this is no actual disease but it relates to a pertinent fear that many plus sized or heavier women have regarding wearing maxi dresses. Now we all know that maxi dresses and maxi skirts are trends that are here to stay. While maxi skirts are a topic for another piece, these dresses for women need special care and caution if you don’t want to mar your look and are plus sized. We think (many of us are on the heavier side as well) that maxi dresses can actually suit plus sized women better than their regular counterparts if chosen correctly. There are several varieties of maxi dresses available online and many of these dresses for women are tailored in such a manner that they are suitable for almost all body types.

You can certainly wear maxi dresses with panache even if you are on the heavier side (we think big is beautiful by the way!). However, there are a few style take-aways that we’re giving out here that you really need to keep in mind (note how generous we are with the tips; aren’t you going to reward us? :D). These dresses for women usually create a minimizing effect (masterful trickery) for bigger legs and hips and hence they can actually be great choices for maximizing your style quotient at special occasions, parties and other events.

When looking for maxi dresses, you should keep an eye out for bolder prints and colors. Curvy or plus sized women often aim at concealing their figures underneath the time tested and safe umbrella of black. However, maxi dresses in bright colors are what you should really be experimenting with. Yes, black is definitely a magician when it comes to slimming your figure but there are other options in store as well. Bigger and brighter prints and hues create a flattering effect for your figure and you can actually gain confidence from the way they conceal physical imperfections. Vertical prints are a good bet if you want to look considerably slimmer and you can think of having a belt pinned around the smallest portion of your body. Do not shy away from big prints and brighter prints based on a misconception that these will make you look awful.

You should always choose the fabric of your maxi dress with great care. Cotton is a good choice since it is quite light and comfortable for plus sized women. Spandex and nylon maxi dresses are avoidable if you are on the heavier side. Alongside, while emphasizing on comfort, ensure that you do not get a dress that is overtly loose! This will only make you look tent-like or voluminous and we’re sure you do not want to resemble a traveling caravan! The dress should have a nice and flowing effect over your body. Stay away from anything that clings to your body or highlights areas which you want to hide.

V-necklines are good options for bigger women. This is because they create a vertical and lean line on your neck and add greater balance to the maxi dress you’re wearing. This will make your body look longer and slimmer and the effect is indeed marvelous on heavier and bigger women. There are several maxi dresses that come with spaghetti straps and some that are completely strapless. These are not at all suitable for plus sized women since they make the upper portion look unusually bigger and do not hide imperfections like some extra flab on your upper arms and so on. You should always choose sleeves or straps that are wider for hiding all oversized portions with elan. If you’ve thought of going bra-less (we understand when it’s too hot!), we recommend you wear one for better support. Drooping and sagging are things that do not look great underneath a maxi dress. Many women also opt for shape-wear underneath these dresses for women to create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.

You can think of pairing your dresses with wedges which are ideal for heavier and shorter women. These will elongate the body and add some much needed height to your figure. There are several other accessories that you can opt for including bigger earrings, rings and so on. Do not go for the same old dark colored accessories which are regarded as boring in the present fashion lexicon. You can opt for brighter accessories or white jewelry with your maxi dress. Visit StalkBuyLove for snapping up some of the best maxi dresses, amazing maxi skirts and party dresses that you will ever find! StalkBuyLove gives you access to some other exciting options like the Downey Maxi Dress, Lincoln Dress and many more!



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