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Western purses Overview

November 24, 2014 – 1:17 pm |

Western purses are very often designed fashionably, used mostly by women, to hold personal items such as cash, coins, cosmetics, keys, jewelry, pen, etc. It is one of the most needed accessories in today date.

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Festival Wear Ideas for Fashion Conscious Summer Revelers

May 27, 2015 – 8:56 pm |

Festival fashion is rapidly becoming a style trend all of its own. Celebrities spend their summers rocking up at the big high-profile festivals such as Coachella and Glastonbury, leaving the rest of us ogling their Instagram accounts in envy. The trouble is that festival wear is a tricky one to pull off because it very much depends on which festival you are plotting to attend. So what are the hottest festival trends this year and how can you adapt them to suit your own look? Read the full story »

Want to be Stylish? Get Sarees for Fashionable Elegance and Style

May 25, 2015 – 3:39 pm |

Sarees are available in a wide range of brilliant colors and designs that give all women the chance to find one that suits individual style. The traditional guide for shopping for sarees involves finding colors that suit your complexion and …

Tips on How To Get The Right Accessories For Your Prom Dress

May 24, 2015 – 9:04 am |
prom dress purple

Everything rolls back to me, when I try to recall my prom night and its fierce preparation. Buying the best dress – getting matching jewellery – finding the right pair of sandal – spending hours in the parlor…. Oh God, …

Do’s And Don’ts On What To Wear This Summer

May 17, 2015 – 11:17 am |

Your wardrobe needs a change the moment summer sets in. This is the time when you will get the chance to flaunt your body. You need to spend time to decide what you are going to wear this summer, as …

Aging Gracefully: How to Keep Your Face Looking Beautiful Through the Years

May 8, 2015 – 8:47 am |

It’s only natural
There are certain things you cannot prevent and aging is right up there with the best of them. With everything from sun exposure, sickness, strains and stresses of life, your face is bound to get the brunt of …

Adapting Your Diet For Beautiful Skin

May 7, 2015 – 11:31 am |

Source: Wikimedia Commons (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2e/Mmm…_pretty_summer_salad_%286005733739%29.jpg)
It’s easy to let our skin go a bit during the Winter – after all, it’s not like we’re about to show it off in freezing weather. But the thaw, and the beaches, are fast approaching. It’s …