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Top 5 Tips for Travelling with Kids

June 20, 2013 – 6:21 pm |

Summer is almost upon us, school will soon be out and families are looking forward to spending some quality time in the sun together away from home. Whether you are travelling with one tiny tot or a brood of tweens …

Fashionable clothes for your little girl

June 18, 2013 – 6:57 pm |

Everyone desires to flaunt in fashion and fill their wardrobes with designer dresses that best defines their style quotient. The market today is full of latest collection of dresses in unmatched designs and trends for men, women and kids. These …

Polo shirts: perfect for all occasions

June 13, 2013 – 5:10 pm |

Would you be surprised to know that polo shirts are actually “tennis shirts”? The polo shirt actually did not originate from the sport of polo, but rather from the sport of tennis. At one time, tennis players wore button-down shirts, …

Engagement Ring Trends

June 12, 2013 – 9:55 pm |

Research has shown that the majority of women, independent ones included, dream about the day their prince charming requesting their hand in marriage. Truth is that, the bigger deal out of this event is the engagement ring-it’s what they’ll talk …

Hot trends for sunglasses in 2013

June 5, 2013 – 9:09 pm |

One of the hottest trends of spring and summer 2013 are sunglasses. Choose the right pair and you can turn your outfit from a floral fiasco to sassy summer outfit. With such a huge range of styles to choose, from …