Month: October 2013

What’s your footwear of choice this winter?

With the steadily dropping temperatures, our fashion is steadily transitioning from T-shirts to sweaters, and from thin layers to cozy coat. Our footwear is no different! To help you prepare for winter (and your next shopping trip), below is a list of shoes that every woman should be equipped with come winter. Guilty Pleasure Footwear. Face it; we all have to have that one shoe that exists purely to cradle our foot in pure bliss with fashion being long forgotten. For some this may be Uggs but, having seen how the wool is collected, we prefer the synthetic, vegan alternatives provided by Neuaura Shoes. Though we don’t advocate wearing this casual look to the office or on date night, they’re perfect to sport when relaxing by a toasty fireplace or meeting friends for a matinee movie. Booties. Undeniably feminine these shoes can transition from casual to sexy, depending on the outfit and the effect you desire. For added balance during the most slippery of all the seasons, consider purchasing a version with a thicker heel and noticeable treading to prevent spills. Take note ladies, decorative buckles and velvet are a hot footwear trend for this winter, but be careful about exposing this textile to the rain and snow. Knee-high Boots. Perfect for a night out on the town and a bit of extra warmth, pull these bad boys over...

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A look Into colored contact lenses

While most people wear contact lenses to give them the freedom and flexibility of wearing their glasses only on occasion, a rising trend for those not in need of prescription glasses or contact lenses is wearing colored contact lenses. Colored contact lenses become a part of some people’s daily routine, and for others they are an occasional fun change of pace. Below are several reasons someone might opt for colored contact lenses. Fashion: Sometimes people just want to try something different and change something that otherwise can’t be changed, such as their eye color. This could be someone with brown eyes giving blue eyes a try, or someone with hazel eyes going for brighter green eyes. Some people opt to have a variety of colors of colored contacts to match their daily wardrobe, while others have a go-to eye color. To really mix things up, some people opt to only change one eye color, so one eye could be blue and the other could be brown. While this is something that can naturally occur, it is unique and rare. Changing your eye color is a fun way to update your look and try something fresh and new. Stage and Costume: Colored contacts come in natural colors and in untraditional colors like purple, white, or red. They also come in cat’s eye and other animal eyes. This can be fun...

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How to pull off four of the trickiest pieces from the Ralph Lauren A/W13 collection

Ralph Lauren has often been called the master of vintage glamour, so it will come as no surprise to his many devoted fans that his vision of the autumn/winter 2013 season bears loads of vintage touches straight from the pages of a novel like Anna Karenina. Lauren explained that he drew the inspiration for his collection from “a timeless heroine, independent and bold”, and it would be hard to not feel like a glamorous storybook heroine in his luxe dresses and accessories. Fur collars, bows, jewel-toned dresses and little berets—the look on the runway was very stylized, but the pieces themselves can be worn either for full-on glamour or mixed in with everyday basics for a more subtle look. Here are a four key dramatic pieces and how to work them into your wardrobe: The oversized coat. Lauren showed a number of dramatic oversized coats on the runway, but the one that perhaps stood out the most was the Crepe Iliana coat, with its epaulets and ruffles. An impressive piece indeed, but how does one wear the coat, as opposed to the coat overwhelming the person? If you’re glamming it up for evening, you can simply wear it as a cape for a dramatic, slightly masculine counterpart to a luxe gown. For daytime wear, choose slim trousers and a high heel to elongate your frame and make it clear...

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Holiday gift giving

You might think that shopping for the fashion-forward woman is hard. After all, she seems like she has everything she wants, she has strong ideas of what style is, and what if you give her something that she doesn’t like or doesn’t think is stylish? It’s never tacky to give a gift receipt with an item you’ve purchased, but if you give the right gift, you won’t need a gift receipt. What is the right gift, you ask? This Holiday Season, it’s all about giving accessories. Don’t: Buy Basics Buying basics for the fashion-forward woman –such as sweaters, jeans, blouses, etc- could be tricky because you need to know exactly what size she is and you need to buy something neutral enough that it goes with everything, but not so neutral that she doesn’t like it. If you give an article of clothing, give a gift receipt with it. Do: Buy Accessories for Basics Chances are that your fashion-forward woman has all the clothes she needs, but with accessories for basics, she can dress up those clothes into a new look. The best gift, here, is a scarf. Not only are scarves very popular in today’s fashion, but you can buy scarves in all colors, in all styles, in all sizes. The chances of a woman returning a scarf are very slim –unless she already has it. Other great...

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How to earn cash from your old CDs, DVDs, books and games

Almost everyone could use a little extra cash, and chances are earning a few extra bucks is easier than you think—you’ve probably got lots of unused and unwanted items in your house that could be sold for some easy cash. One of the easiest ways to make a few extra bucks is to sell or trade your unwanted CDs, DVDs, books and video games. Obviously you could just post your items to eBay, but there are other ways to sell your unwanted items and make a small profit. Trade in at a local store Many chain bookstores accept gently used books, CDs and DVDs either for cash or store credit. You may be offered a higher value for your items if you take a store credit, but you’ll want to consider whether you’ll use it in the near future. If you tend to buy lots of books, CDs and DVDs from a brick-and-mortar store, then this can be a good deal and save you a few extra pennies in the long run. However, more and more people are switching over to purely digital entertainment, with e-books, downloaded music and streaming video, so if you are making the switch to a digital format you may be better off taking the cash sum and putting it toward your digital collection. Video games are another matter. More companies are creating games that...

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