Month: June 2014

Design your own next generation Personalized Printed T-Shirts

Designing your own t- shirts and flaunting them at your friends, is a cool thing. You can paint your t -shirts with water proof colors or you can get your own favorite quote or picture, or any favorite design of yours printed at a store. If you choose this process for a project then you would find yourself amidst ample of alternatives, whether you want to print it by your own or just want a general printed t- shirt. Another thing to keep in mind is the color of your t- shirt should be such that it will reflect whatever you have printed on it. For example, take dark colored t- shirts if you are printing a white design or vice versa .Of course it’s up to you to choose bright eye catching colors, but nevertheless, the white colored t- shirts are easy to print.         T- Shirt printingprocess needs a lot of thinking and planning. Your printer only supports certain color graphics. So if you are printing a white image of people wearing white clothes then the image would merge in the background. If the t -shirt is of light color, even the white smoky clouds which would be in the background would get diluted in the color of the t- shirt. Remember, your images would always mingle in the shades of light colors. So...

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Top 5 Fashion Accessories Every Man Must Have

These days, along with clothing, there are many other accessories that are important in defining the kind of man you are. Accessories are such as important things that can enhance the overall appearance of a Man. However, just make sure to buy the right kind of accessory that suits your personality. Below are some of the important items for men, these fine fashion accessories might be just what men need to enhance their looks: Watch: Watch is an exceptional timepiece that is admired by men as one of the most important and fashionable hand accessory which they can invest...

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