Month: September 2014

Fingerprint Jewelleries- A Symbol Of Love

  Hi, do you love fingerprint jewelleries? If yes, then you must have also thought of making them by yourself, or ordering them from reputed manufacturers. As it is a sign of love and affection, you tend to have the fingerprints of your babies, your family and even your pets. It is wonderful. This is one method of immortalizing prints of your loved ones. Fingerprint jewelleries are awesome to buy and create. Therefore, let us look at some frequently asked questions by the people. What Exactly Is Fingerprint Jewellery? Fingerprint jewelleries are splendid pieces created by designers. They capture the mark or the symbol representing a person’s identity on the silver art clay. Normally it’s a pendant with a fingerprint pressed on it. There can be human fingerprints, pet claw print or some other stuff that the person wants to engrave. Fingerprint jewellery has been the talk of town amidst celebrities, parents and people who want unique and beautiful silver piece to immortalize their loved ones. OK, What Is The Process? Oh, it is very simple. The designer would prepare the clay into your desired shape press the finger or the fingerprint and mould into the shape. You can also tell them to scribble your words on it. When the charm is dried, the wet and dry sanded sheets smooth the edges until it gets ready for firing. The...

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Vital Things To Remember When Choosing An Engagement Ring

Link to image   An engagement ring is more than just an accessory; it is a symbol of commitment between you and your partner. Many couples are now opting to buy an engagement ring together meaning that we women get more say in the style of ring we get. If you and your partner have decided to get engaged, choosing the ring together is a great way to document the engagement. Looking for an engagement ring is like looking for an investment. You should make sure that you know what you’re looking for before you buy anything. The last thing you want is to spend too much money and end up with a poor quality ring. Here are some vital things you need to remember when buying an engagement ring.   Set a budget for the ring   Setting a budget before you start looking is vital. If you don’t have an agreed budget, finding the perfect ring will be awkward. You may not know how much he is willing to spend on the ring. That means that you could start looking at rings that are way out of his price range. Sit down and have a frank talk before you choose the ring. Doing so will mean that you both know where you stand.   Get measured   The amount of people who start looking for engagement rings...

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The many hues of wedding rings

When you hear the word ‘diamond’, what immediately invokes in your mind? Well! If I can guess, then it is images of weddings and engagements. The classic chic of diamonds is just perfect for such type of occasions. After all “Diamonds are Forever”. In this society, where cash and gifts cards have become the essential gift items, wedding diamond rings are unique gift items. Today’s cosmopolitan society, a diamond wedding ring can mean different for different people. Today diamond wedding rings cuts across all cultures illustrating the same emotions of life and love. Diamond Rings in the 16th Century During 16th century, diamond was symbol of forever and faithfulness that stimulated people’s kindness. In that period, in royal weddings, diamond rings are the integral part which make wedding perfect. The diamond crafting technology was excellent and it showed great advancement. The rings were more beautiful in the next century. Elegant hand-made diamond rings were available in different motifs and patterns such as heart, flower, etc and decorated with attractive designs. Even in the 17th century, diamond wedding ring had its own status. Graceful diamond rings were considered honourable, with rose or table-shaped or small-shaped cuttings, which were embedded in gold and blue or black coating. Thus began the tradition of giving diamond rings at engagements and weddings, to seal your Love, Forever. However, in some cultures, diamond ring also...

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How cinema has influenced the fashion world

Fashion designers take their inspiration from all kinds of things, from a passion for all things vintage to preferences for bright colours that will ensure that their designs stand out from the crowd and fly off the shelves. One particular influence for nearly all designers at some point in their careers, however, is the film industry.   When a movie is being produced, the directors want the best names and the biggest talents they can get their hands on to perform the roles and, of course, they need something to wear. A lot of the biggest names in world cinema have been made famous for their sense of style as well as their ability on the big screen and designers have been inspired to come up with designs tailored specifically for those actors and actresses or that have come about as ideas following on from another item they’ve worn in a movie.   You only have to pick up a glossy magazine or read the reviews and comments on movie blogs to see how interested people are in what the stars of the films are wearing because nearly every review has a section on the clothes and how the actors looked amazing or horrific in what they were given.   Indian cinema is famous for being as focussed on fashion as it is with the films they produce, and...

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The Best Male Accessories To Instantly Change An Outfit

Accessories can completely change the feel of an outfit. Put a pocket square in a casual blazer or add a bow tie to a short sleeve shirt and you get a radically different look. You can go from preppy to geek chic in a flash. These subtle additions to your wardrobe will help you change up your style whenever you feel like it.   CUFFLINKS   Today, cufflinks are minor works of art, offering any man the possibility to wear their own personal art on their sleeve. The small yet stylish accessory enables a man’s look to represent personal style and is worn to add excitement to traditionally formal attire like suits and black tie. House of Rokoko have one of the most carefully-selected range of cufflinks from brothers James and Henry Deakin’s business, Deakin & Francis. Whether you’re a sport fanatic or just fancy a unique staple cufflink, they have a cufflink for every personality!   POCKET SQUARES   In addition to serving a practical purpose, handkerchiefs have long been displayed in the top pocket of men’s jackets. Used in this way, they are more commonly referred to as pocket squares. There are a wide variety of ways to fold a pocket square, ranging from the austere to the flamboyant. Sebastian Cruz and Tyler & Tyler are two of the most well-regarded pocket square designers.   Sebastian Cruz...

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