Month: May 2015

Festival Wear Ideas for Fashion Conscious Summer Revelers

Festival fashion is rapidly becoming a style trend all of its own. Celebrities spend their summers rocking up at the big high-profile festivals such as Coachella and Glastonbury, leaving the rest of us ogling their Instagram accounts in envy. The trouble is that festival wear is a tricky one to pull off because it very much depends on which festival you are plotting to attend. So what are the hottest festival trends this year and how can you adapt them to suit your own look? Photo by nat urazmetova Dress for the Weather Before you even think about shopping for festival clothes, check the weather forecast. Coachella is in the desert, so you can expect the weather to be hot and dry, but if you have tickets for Glastonbury, the weather could be very different and a pair of waterproof boots is advisable. Go Designer In days of old, festival fashion was cheap, cheerful and usually retro. These days, although you are likely to see plenty of retro hippy chick styles at summer festivals, celebrities and A-list stars have made designer festival gear ultra trendy. If you check out who’s wearing what at big celebrity favorites such as Coachella, you will soon spot a number of styles straight from the catwalk. But don’t worry if your budget won’t stretch to the latest Chloe spring / summer collection, it is...

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Want to be Stylish? Get Sarees for Fashionable Elegance and Style

Sarees are available in a wide range of brilliant colors and designs that give all women the chance to find one that suits individual style. The traditional guide for shopping for sarees involves finding colors that suit your complexion and body type. Different colors are ideal for fairer or paler complexions while colors such as red are flattering for everyone. Sarees for Every Woman The varied designs on sarees ensure that every woman can find one to suit her particular body type. Slimmer or lean women can wear looser sarees to create the illusion of a wider body frame. Fabrics such as cotton used to create loosely draping sarees are suitable for slimmer women because they create a curvier appearance. Sarees made from sheer or transparent fabrics are ideal for special or evening occasions. For women who have larger frames, intricate patterns and solid colors are the best option. They create a leaner appearance and help to accentuate the best features while ensuring that no bulges around the midriff are exposed. Sarees for all Occasions Women are at liberty to try out any style that meets their needs and suits their preference. They can try out brightly colored sarees with large defined borders and intricate details that this traditional type of Indian outfit is famous for. There are different sarees available for different occasions. Sarees can be worn as...

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Tips on How To Get The Right Accessories For Your Prom Dress

Everything rolls back to me, when I try to recall my prom night and its fierce preparation. Buying the best dress – getting matching jewellery – finding the right pair of sandal – spending hours in the parlor…. Oh God, it was seriously stressful! But, trust me, everything changes in a second, the moment you are there for the prom night. It’s like, yes, I have been waiting for this for a long time! So, I know how excited you are, when you are preparing for the big day. When it comes to a prom night, every girl has the feeling to look beautiful and elegant, at the time they make the entry. If choosing the best dress is the first part of the task, then finding the right accessories for it is the second part. So, without wasting any time, let me give you some amazing tips to look dashing on the floor. First of all, look at the color and the style of your dress. If your dress has embellishments on the bodice, better drop the idea of a necklace and go for some bracelet or snazzy earrings. You can opt for diamonds, if you are wearing a solid color dress.   Confirm your hairstyle and its accessories first, as it decides the kind of the earrings you will be wearing. You can go for a sparkly...

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