Month: June 2015

Celebrity Skin Care Tips and Secrets: Jennifer Aniston & David Beckham

Skin blemishes are a bother for most people, but for celebrities, they are unacceptable. Celebrities need camera-ready complexions even when they’re not on set. With paparazzi documenting the every movement of A-list celebrities, pimples, sun spots and uneven skin tones will end up plastered on the pages on gossip mags. Mega stars like Jennifer Aniston and David Beckham rely on high-profile estheticians for picture-perfect skin. While not everyone can afford these luxury services, anyone can follow the celebrities’ proven beauty regiments for more beautiful skin. Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Tips Jennifer Aniston’s skin just glows. The Aveeno spokeswoman insists you don’t have to have to spend a lot on products for beautiful skin. “The skin care rule I stand by is simply cleanse, tone, and moisturize,”Aniston told “New York” magazine in 2013. The blockbuster actress also says exfoliating, drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep and exercising regularly helps keep her skin looking its best.Of course, Aniston also relies on trips to esthetics clinics that offer services including microdermabrasion, peels and European facials. Microdermabrasion is popular among celebrities because it uses a spray of tiny crystals to remove layers of dead skin to reveal softer, brighter and younger-looking skin.             David Beckham’s Skin Care Routine David Beckham may have become famous for his football – AKA soccer – skills, but his long-lasting celebrity is...

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Gym Fashion: How to Get it Right

Do you want to work out and look amazing while you do it? Then you need to get your outfits just right. Gym fashion is a real thing, and it’s becoming more and more popular. People aren’t wearing their oldest, most worn clothes anymore; they’re wearing high quality, designer items to get all sweaty in. If gym fashion isn’t something you’re sure about, have a read through this to get it right: Color Co-ordinate   I love to color co-ordinate in the gym. It’s easier than ever now too, especially with all of the clothes coming out in multiple colors. If you stick to a similar color scheme each time you buy clothes, you should be able to mix and match things to your heart’s content! I pick a lot of gym clothes that contain blue, black, green, and purple – but I know that the odd color can just be used as a ‘clashing’ piece, so it’s no problem! In general, outfits that match up, even if the brands don’t match up, look best.   Include Brights and Patterns   I love wearing brights and patterns in the gym. I think you can get away with wearing stuff in the gym that you wouldn’t wear anywhere else. I am constantly wearing loud leggings; rainbow patterns, geometric patterns, the lot! I can’t understand why anybody would go the gym...

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Choosing a Fashionable Office Style

Animal print fabric with great neutral colors is usually a great choice for perfect office wear. Animal print just keeps popping up in every fashion blogger items. Why is this so? The answer is simple. Animal print gives a bold fashion statement. What makes animal print good for an office wear is that it is subtle yet it speaks luxury, sophistication and style. Wearing it at work may be great but if done wrongly, it can just be a total mess. The secret of wearing a leopard print of that animal print fabric that you have always loved at work is by balancing the top element of the print you are wearing with a sensible silhouette. Kim Kardashian has actually taken this approach when it comes to dressing up for business. When it boils down to business she has been seen a number of times with tasteful silhouettes which are properly structured with animal prints. If prints aren’t you kind of thing, you can try and look fashionable by mixing office colors with a bit of bright. Think of a soft pink or red dress with a black blazer. It totally works in the office scenario and can be later used as an evening wear. Doing Office Make up Most of us do not like to put make up in the office because they think it pops out too...

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