While most people wear contact lenses to give them the freedom and flexibility of wearing their glasses only on occasion, a rising trend for those not in need of prescription glasses or contact lenses is wearing colored contact lenses. Colored contact lenses become a part of some people’s daily routine, and for others they are an occasional fun change of pace. Below are several reasons someone might opt for colored contact lenses.

Colored Contact Lenses

Fashion: Sometimes people just want to try something different and change something that otherwise can’t be changed, such as their eye color. This could be someone with brown eyes giving blue eyes a try, or someone with hazel eyes going for brighter green eyes. Some people opt to have a variety of colors of colored contacts to match their daily wardrobe, while others have a go-to eye color. To really mix things up, some people opt to only change one eye color, so one eye could be blue and the other could be brown. While this is something that can naturally occur, it is unique and rare. Changing your eye color is a fun way to update your look and try something fresh and new.

Stage and Costume: Colored contacts come in natural colors and in untraditional colors like purple, white, or red. They also come in cat’s eye and other animal eyes. This can be fun when dressing up for a costume party, dressing up for Halloween, or to better establish a character being played on stage. Stage and costume colored contacts can make a plain vampire, zombie, devil, or ghost costume go from plain to extraordinary.

Athletics: Athletes have been experimenting with different colored contacts to reduce glare and improve their vision. While some athletes find colored contacts to be beneficial, others find that they affect their depth perception. Some sports do not allow their players to wear colored contacts; however, they may wear clear prescription contacts required by their physician.

How To Select Colored Contacts: Regardless of your desire to experiment with colored contacts it is important to remember that your vision is the most prominent of your five senses. That being said, you want to ensure that you select colored contacts that have been made in FDA-approved facilities by a reputable brand such as Acuvue. With the popularity of experimenting with different colors and costume features afforded by fashion contacts, there are many brands that are being produced overseas and shipped to the states illegally. The danger in buying these unapproved and illegally manufactured contacts is that they can be made from materials that will harm your delicate eyes, leading to infection and, in extreme cases, blindness. While the price for some of these contacts is quite affordable, the money you save is not worth the price of risking your vision.

Eye contact is important both in personal and professional situations. Eyes are one of the first features someone notices about you, and your eyes help you to express emotions such as joy, worry, or fear. Even if you like your natural eye color you may want to experiment with what it feels like to have a different eye color every now and then.

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