Month: January 2012

The shock behind Paula Deen’s health crisis

When celebrity chef Paula Deen announced last week that she has been struggling for years with diabetes, her secret caused an uproar. Fans, fellow chefs, and nutritionists all split over the news that Deen’ famous for her deep-fried, butter-laden Southern comfort food has been hiding her diagnosis from the public eye. Adding more fuel to the fire? News that Deen will appear in a series of ads for diabetes drug-maker Novo Nordisk. Already, her longtime publicist has quit over the firestorm. Other celeb chefs, most famously Anthony Bourdain, have slammed Deen for hiding her diagnosis while continuing to sell her fans on dishes heavy in fat and sugar. Bourdain took to Twitter again on Tuesday to slam Deen for using her diagnosis to turn a profit, while continuing to push her artery-clogging (and unhealthy) recipes. But what, exactly, does Deen’s diagnosis mean? More than 25 million Americans suffer from diabetes, and the bulk suffer from Type 2 diabetes, just like Deen. You’re more likely to fall prey to the disease if you are obese, meaning Deen’s taste first, health second style of cooking is a major no-no for people trying to avoid the disease. Type 2 robs the body of its ability to regulate blood sugar, so meals must be carefully timed and planned out to avoid eating too much or too little sugar at the wrong time. While...

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Traveling smarter with your electronics

If you’re planning on traveling this year, chances are, you’re already putting a lot of thought into your airline tickets, hotel reservations, and exactly how to stuff all of your fabulous outfits into one suitcase. But have you given any thought to traveling with your electronics? In such a wired age, most of us wouldn’t dream of setting off for a week away from home without a bevy of gadgets: a laptop, iPad, cell phone, camera, e-book reader, MP3 player, video camera, and of course all of their accompanying chargers and USB cables. Whew! That’s a lot to pack along, especially in a carry-on. Here are a few things you can do to make your trip a bit easier. For starters, before you even pack your bag, write down the make, model, and serial number of every electronic item you plan on packing. Yes, you should already have all of your serial numbers tucked away in a safe place, but many people neglect this step when they purchase a new ìtoyî. Put one copy of your records in a safe place, and take another copy with you; if your items are stolen, you’ll need those numbers to help ID and recover your goods. Make your gadgets pull double duty. The laptop and Kindle might be superfluous if you have the iPad; likewise, many cameras now record HD video, so...

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Winter style that won’t leave you out in the cold

Winter poses a dilemma for fashion lovers: what can you wear to look cute without freezing? Luckily, there are lots of ways to stay chic and comfy at the same time, without exposing unnecessary flesh to frigid temps. Steal any of these ideas for an instant dose of winter style. – Use color. How bold you go is depends on your mood. A colorful sweater is an easy pick; colored pants are a bolder choice. You can also add boldly colored jewelry, scarves, shoes, bags, and belts to any outfit even head-to-toe black to make it pop. – Grab a printed scarf. Not only will it help keep you cozy, a cute scarf is an instant update for your regular jeans and sweater combo. It’s a no-brainer outfit maker on days when you’re rushed and out of inspiration. – Layer up. Adding tights or leggings and a long-sleeved tee or cardigan is an easy way to make your summer dresses pull double-duty in the winter months. Add a pair of boots and you’re ready to go! – Wear a statement coat. Celebs know that one of the easiest ways to look stylish in freezing weather is to grab a cool coat. Bright colors make even a grey day more fun, while long military or trench styles feel both feminine and structured while also keeping you covered. (Psst: they’re great...

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Protecting your face during the winter months

Winter can wreak havoc on your face, which is a bummer, since it might be the only skin peeking out from all those cozy layers! To protect your face from the elements, follow these tips and get ready to put your best face forward through any cold snap. There are a lot of factors assaulting your lips in the wintertime: cold, dryness, and wind all sap precious moisture and leave your pout chapped and cracked. Slather on a lip balm that contains natural moisturizers like beeswax, and avoid the tinted kinds: the dyes can dry your lips further, worsening the issue. Believe it or not, when winter hits, you still need sunscreen. Even though the weather is cold and gray, the sun can still damage your skin, even if you don’t develop a noticeable burn. The damage is even worse if you’re hitting the slopes, since the snow acts as a giant reflector for the sun’s rays. Protect yourself without a second thought by applying a moisturizer with SPF every morning, and pack a bottle of sunscreen before you head out into the powdery stuff. Cold temps and stinging winds can leave your eyes watering, so wear waterproof eye makeup. If the cold weather is also leaving your face feeling extra parched, swap the mattifying foundation and powder for a moisturizing formula, which will help soothe your skin without...

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Orange: the “it” color of 2012

The Pantone Color Institute has an annual tradition of choosing the “it” color for the New Year, and they must have been feeling especially peppy for 2012: the color of the year is tangerine orange! If wearing such a bold hue has you nervous, relax: it’s easy to wear this shade if you follow a few key tips. For starters, you need to be wise about pairing orange with neutrals. Black is a huge no-no, since the two together scream “Halloween”. White, browns and tans, and nude beiges are all great partners, but make sure the undertone is the same. Warm nude beige or a crisp gray would look great with orange, but the wrong grayish-pinkish-nude could clash terribly with a hot tangerine. Keep in mind that there is no one “right” shade of orange; you can go softer or bolder, with cooler or warmer undertones, depending on your skin tone. However, almost any orange you buy will look great with other citrus-hued items, like yellow flats or a ruby grapefruit-hued clutch. If you’re really nervous about purchasing an orange item of clothing and who wouldn’t be, under those tricky dressing room lights here’s a neat trick for finding the right hue: pick up a few paint chips from a hardware counter and check them against your skin in natural light. When you’ve got the right shade, take the...

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