Month: November 2012

Party-worth women’s fashion looks

Trying to put together a series of party worthy women’s fashion looks for the upcoming holiday season? There are so many looks, both classic and trendy alike, to inspire you. If you’re staring into your closet thinking it’s time for a little shopping spree to update your holiday wardrobe, here are some suggestions for women’s fashion looks to get you started. A non basic little black dress. One with details that make it utterly personal will stand out in a sea of LBDs. Try one that accentuates a toned back with cutouts, or one with a lace overlay for a little texture. Something baroque. This trend first surfaced this fall and has been quickly moving over jackets, dress, and handbags ever since. The beauty of a baroque piece is that is has its own ornamentation; there’s no need to worry about adding tons of accessories to complete the look. That said, a bold baroque dress with a great piece of baroque jewelry is killer! A romper. Leggy pantsuits with wide legs and strapless or halter style necklines can look quite sophisticated, if you style them correctly. Essential: modern jewelry and super high heels to balance the hems. Tunics and trousers. Chilly? If even a pair of tights isn’t enough to warm you up, consider a luxe tunic over pants. Even celebs like Emma Watson have embraced this look, and...

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Women’s fashion you didn’t know you could wear

Fashions come and go, and lots of new trends crop up from one season to the next that both intrigue and frighten us. Peplum tops? Studs? Patterned tights? Don’t worry, you don’t need the lean frame of a supermodel or the fashion daring of a celebrity to pull off these looks. Here are some cool women’s fashion trends you can wear this winter, even if you’re a fashion newbie. Patterned tights. Sweater tights, with cozy Fair Isle knit patterns, look super cute when worn with a mini and boots; pair them with a plain long-sleeved tee rather than a sweater to keep the look cute, not, er, woolly. Studs. To many, studs scream “biker”, but they don’t have to be all tough and intimidating. Why not try a few strategically placed studs on a clutch, a pair of pumps, or on the trim of a blouse or jacket? Pair with ladylike items like a dress, a lace blouse, or a chain-strap handbag and you’ll have a look that’s still feminine. A peplum top, coat, or dress. The flared shape looks scary, but it’s actually perfect for ladies of all sizes. If you’re athletic, it’ll give you an hourglass figure; if you’ve already got the hourglass, guess what? It fits you perfectly, especially when paired with sleek bottoms like a pencil skirt or skinny jeans. Sheer fabrics. There’s a fine...

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The jumper: winters most important garment

When it comes to winter fashions, the jumper is undoubtedly the most important garment in your wardrobe. Acting as an important extra layer under your winter coat when out bracing the cold and keeping you warm when back inside too, the jumper is equally at home when worn over a t-shirt for a casual look or over a button-up shirt if you needed to look a bit smarter. But what is the best jumper for you? Here are a few of the key options for you this winter. Crew Neck The workhorse of the jumper world, the crew neck is a strong choice for almost any scenario. For added warmth and luxury, invest in a lambswool jumper from a brand such as Original Penguin. If the cut is right, the top few inches of your collared shirt should still peek out over the brim of the garment, whereas a contrasting-coloured t-shirt will bring a small splash of colour to the neckline. V-Neck The V-neck jumper offers all of the benefits of the crew, however it will show off a little more of the layer below. This is the perfect option to wear over a shirt and tie for the office party. Although lambswool works well again here, if you are pairing with a shirt and tie under a heavy coat, maybe consider merino wool instead for a lighter effect....

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How to nail the modern gentleman look this season

This autumn/winter, you need a look that will protect you from the weather extremities of the season while also ensuring you look the part, whether rambling in the countryside or strolling up a snowy high street. For either scenario, the modern gentleman is the perfect look, and is particularly in at the moment due to the 50th anniversary of the ultimate British gentleman, James Bond. Matching classic, sophisticated cuts with enough layers to keep you warm in the depths of winter, this is the look that puts to bed the myth that anything practical can’t be cool. Here are the items you need to complete the look this season. Shawl-collar jumper It is the little details that really make the modern gentleman look a success. For example, choosing a shawl-collar jumper over a standard crew neck shows that you care about your appearance, with the added material at the neckline providing added interest to an otherwise standard item. The shawl neck also provides extra protection to an area that needs it most. Tweed overcoat Nothing says modern gentleman like tweed. Many British-heritage brands such as Hackett are experts at using this classic fabric in overcoats that combine the best in classic and contemporary stylings. Pair with plain trousers in a navy or cream to top off the look. Winter boots One of the places you really don’t want to...

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Building a winter shoe wardrobe

Winter is coming, which means it is time to switch to a wardrobe comprised of clothes and accessories that will withstand cold temperatures, rain, and snow. Your shoes will switch too, but you don’t have to spend the winter in unsightly boots! Here are the options you need in your wardrobe to keep your feet cozy and stylish. A pair of riding boots. In either brown or black leather, this knee high, flat soled style will keep your tootsies toasty and your legs from getting soaked. Look for a pair with details like buckles or other extras for bonus style points. An embellished pair of ankle boots. During the day, you can wear them with wider leg pants to hide the details. At night, slip into skinny jeans or a skirt and show off your fab detailed shoes! These can be flat or wedge boots if you prefer, though a high heel makes them extra sexy! High wedges. Sometimes you want a high heel, but you don’t want a stiletto that might stick in soft ground or snow. Whether you choose a basic wedge or a wedge boot, you’ll get more stability for your winter walking. Something colorful and funky. Guess what? One of the easiest ways to chase away the winter blues is with a fab pair of colorful shoes! Colorful patterned boots are hugely popular right now,...

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