Month: December 2012

Tips for throwing an amazing holiday party

Want to throw a great holiday get together? Here are some tips to keep everything running smoothly and make your soiree one to remember! Balance the background music. When conversation comes to a pause, some festive background music helps fill the gap. Choose classic tunes so everyone in the crowd will enjoy them, and cue up your iPod on shuffle so the music won’t stop. But keep the volume down low enough that your guests won’t have to shout to be heard! Break up the seating. It’s usually courteous to seat couples together, but avoid seating knots of friends together. They’ll end up spending all night talking only to each other and not to other guests, and that’s no fun! Break up the seating by putting some of your more gregarious guests near those who are new to the crowd or who are shy, so they can help break the ice. Have some fun games on hand. As guests break into small groups while waiting on dinner or socializing after the meal, small quick games will keep them entertained. Charades, easy card games, and checkers are always great. Forgo candles in favor of scented wax warmers. Open flames are an invitation to disaster! If you’re having a large party, consider splurging on a caterer. They can tailor the meal to your desires so you can spend your time mingling...

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Sparkle and shine: how to wear sparkle during the holidays

Whether it’s glitter, sequins, or a metallic sheen, sparkly clothing is hot this season! Sparkly, shiny clothes and accessories are perfect for glamming up your look for a holiday party or get-together. However, in order to look on-trend, rather than looking like a disco ball, there are a few style guidelines you need to keep in mind. For starters, it’s best to go with one sparkly piece, rather than head-to-toe glitter. That means that if you’re wearing a sequined top, you probably don’t want to pair it with metallic jeans. That’s a fashion dare best left to a celebrity performing under a spotlight! Better to pair it with muted slacks or a skirt. If you are nervous about dipping into this trend, a sparkly accessory is a nice happy medium between drab and too flashy. Sparkly glittery heels and handbags are everywhere this season, along with scarves with metallic threads in them and super glitzy shawls and wraps. You can get glitzy with your makeup, too. An eye shadow with a little glitter is a fun and festive way to update your makeup for a holiday party. Just remember: glittery should be super fine, not chunky; and if you’re wearing shimmer on one part of your face, keep the rest satin or matte. The same goes for wearing highlighter on the cheeks; you don’t want to appear overly shiny,...

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Winter coats wrapped up

The winter coat is the best thing about the frosty season and is without doubt the most important purchase you will make between now and March. Forget the Christmas day outfit with its one-wear destiny and the New Year’s ensemble doomed to the spillage of drinks. Your coat will be a permanent fixture for the next four to five months, and as far as first impressions go, it’s the outside that counts. Selecting a new coat, then, is a very important business and getting it wrong can be catastrophic. Opinions will be formed while your frozen fingers are still working on the top button, with your coat characterising your entire existence. You may think I’m exaggerating, but does anyone know Red Riding Hood’s real name? This season has seen the rise of the oversize, and the coat is no exception. Voluptuous coats dominated the runway and extra-roomy super snuggly styles are the next best thing to a winter blanket. The oversized boyfriend coat is a huge trend that will carry on well into spring. After the boyfriend jean and the boyfriend blazer, it’s not surprising that outerwear would be the next garment we’d steal from the boys. The most evolved piece to come from boyfriend style, the coat emulates not only the loose fit but also the structured cut associated with men’s tailoring. Nonchalant and slightly too wide, you’d...

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The fluctuating width of the office neck tie

George Osborne’s recently released the Office for Budget Responsibility’s (OBR) report on the state of the UK’s finances. The report indicated that the economic recovery was taking longer than expected, which is thought to be attributable to a decline in business investment and consumer spending. However, there has been an indication that the economy is starting to show signs of improvement: office neckties are beginning to get wider. Traditionally, the widths of men’s ties have been an indirect indicator of the affluence of that era. For example, the ‘yuppie’ era of the eighties featured ridiculously wide ties (e.g. Gordon Gekko et al.); whereas the recession-hit era of the fifties, and more recently, the late noughties, have both featured much slimmer ties (e.g. Don Draper). Brands such as Dunhill, Reiss, and Gucci are all starting to widen their neckwear, which has also meant that eighties patterns are making a return in the process. This means that the economic recovery could be showing signs of life; whether we make it back to Patrick Bateman-esque indulgence is another story. We thought it would be interesting to examine the history of the necktie, and how they have changed their shape, length, width, and styles since they were first introduced. A word of advice, if you are currently working in London, you may want to invest in some wider neckties as soon as possible....

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