Month: March 2013

Spring 2013’s best bag trends

How do you want to carry your stuff around this season? An outfit is only as good as the accessories you add to it, and one of the most important accessories of all are good designer handbags. This spring, whether you’re looking for roominess or convenience, glamour or casual cool, there’s a spring bag trend to suit your style and finish that outfit with ease. East meets west totes: Winged out and sleek in shape, these structured totes are the new way to inject a dose of coolness into your professional work wardrobe. Available in an array of options from classic leather to color blocked fabric, bright faux leather and even raffia, these totes are roomy enough for all of your work items without being impossibly bulky next to a tailored suit. With the infusion of east meets west style in spring clothing, this tote is a smart pick to play off the clean lines and shapes of this trend without going too matchy-matchy. Straw totes: Is there a bag more essential to the spring/summer season? We think not. Roomy top-handle totes come in everything from plain straw to vibrant colorful options to straw totes with accents of fabric, leather, and even metallic. The latter options, with their mixed media makeup, are great for bringing the trend off the beach and into the city during the week, since you...

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How a smart girl gets ahead at work

There’s no denying that most of us would like to get ahead in the workplace, whether that means promotion, a pay raise, better benefits, or some combination of all of the above. It might even mean something else entirely for you, like a more flexible schedule so you can accommodate family needs. However you define getting ahead at work, you need to speak up: workers often don’t for fear of looking too assertive, and women in particular tend to take what they’re given without complaint. At the same time, you don’t want to be overly pushy. You need to know how a smart girl gets ahead at work: what questions she asks, when she makes her requests, and how she handles rejection. Laying the groundwork Don’t fool yourself: a smart girl doesn’t assume she deserves anything. No boss will be receptive to a request from a worker they feel to be subpar, so it’s important to make sure you’re giving 110 percent every day. However, many workers don’t realize the importance of doing a little extra on the small tasks as well as the big ones. What that means: when you’re asked to unjam the copier for the hundredth time, do it with a smile. You might just become the best copier un-jammer in your office, and your coworkers will appreciate you for it. Which brings us to point...

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Tips for rocking bold colors in your wardrobe and your home

If you’ve ever been shy about adding color to your life, via your home or wardrobe, you’re not alone; lots of us stick to more fail-safe neutrals over vibrant color and pattern for fear of somehow getting it wrong. But sometimes a big shot of color is just the thing you need to reinvigorate your style, so if you’re ready to experiment with a new hue, read on for tips to do it right. Bold colors in your wardrobe Beige, black and camel all have their place, but there’s nothing quite like a shot of color to make you feel lively and attractive. Using pops of color to highlight the parts of your body is an age-old trick, but it’s one that’s worth using. A cherry red stripe on a dress can highlight the bust, drawing the eyes up away from hips and legs; conversely, if you want to downplay a large bust, use your bright on your skirt or pants. But if you really want to dive in, there’s nothing like color head to toe to make you stand out (in a good way). If wearing a bright scares you because you just aren’t sure how to pair it up, look at the color wheel and add hues that are next to or directly across from it. For example, citrusy hues of yellow and orange always complement each...

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Fashion apps for the latest iPhone 5

The internet has revolutionised Fashion and the way we receive it as normal shoppers thanks to the Fashion App, which is becoming a vital part of every shopper’s armoury. Photos and footage from the exclusive Fashion Weeks and fashion shows from around the world can now be accessed from our new apple iPhone handsets in a movement that could really democratise how we receive and interpret fashion trends. The flow of information from catwalk to consumer is now much more complete allowing you to be right on the cutting edge of style. Apps like Trendstop allow us to take a look at New York, London and Milan’s renowned fashion weeks along with an array of shows from around the world. We can see how some of the best designers in the world interpret ‘style’ and look out for which high street stores are stealing a march on their rivals. Some shopping apps merely direct you to a cumbersome website, but those of All Saints and Next actually package their wares on a slick app well worth a look. POPSUGAR allows us to look through a range of high street shops in what could be described as a virtual mall. To illustrate the scope of the modern fashion app, you should take a look at Touch Closet. It allows you to get down to the logistics of your wardrobe and...

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How to wear the key shoe styles for spring now

Right now we are slap bang in the middle of that difficult transition period where you are expected to move effortlessly between warm winter chic and spring’s new fashion offerings. Unfortunately, the weather rarely seems to get the message about easing us gently into the new season and the result is that we find ourselves stepping out weather ready or season ready but not quite managing both. With this in mind, the ladies shoes experts over at Jones Bootmaker have given us their take on some of the biggest styles for the coming season and how to wear them now if the weather isn’t quite putting a spring in your step. After all, you don’t want to miss out on your favourite footwear by waiting to buy once the new season is in full swing. 1) Wedges are a firm spring/summer staple and this year they are stacked high with sturdy wooden soles. For the most part, designs feature peep-toes, which doesn’t bode well for those spring showers. The very brave can wear these with coloured tights and maxi skirts but if you’re a little shy you should step into the seventies revival and pair with lightly flared jeans to keep your toes covered. 2) New season heels come in high and low varieties, but with ice still lingering it may be wise to stick with more sensible styles,...

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