Month: September 2013

If you like it then you should put some color on it

All about colored diamonds engagement rings contributed by Leibish&co.! Visit to see some beautiful yellow diamond engagement rings and more. Beyonce should’ve gone the whole way when she sang, “If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it,” because if what’s good enough for her should also be good enough for you. When Beyonce’s finger gets a ring on it, it is no less than a ring containing a very rare blue diamond. And Beyonce isn’t the only celebrity recipient of a blue diamond engagement ring, J-Lo received one second time around from Marc Anthony, Kate Hudson also received one second time around from Matthew Bellamy. Blue diamonds are extremely rare though and the best examples can sell for prices approaching USD2 million per carat, consequently you may have to marry a music mogul to get your hands on one or rather your finger in one. There are other colors of diamond though that are no less beautiful than blue and beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. Although for every 10,000 carats of colorless diamonds discovered only one carat of colored diamonds is discovered, there are colors of diamond that are relatively common among the colored diamond world. Yellow diamonds or canaries as they are known in the trade, are relatively common yet they are also greatly in demand. They are the second...

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Shopping for men’s designer denim

How much thought do you put into your denim? While it’s common for the ladies to admit that they have a section of their closet devoted solely to denim, it’s true that men also love their denim: most of them own at least a half a dozen pairs, and perhaps more if they get into heavily fashionable styles like colored denim, rips and tears, waxed denim, etc. But whether your denim tastes run from the simple to the expansive, there are some basic things every man needs to know in order to build a solid denim wardrobe. Here are some buying tips and rules to follow. Start with two pair of basic, slim or boot cut dark denim. You want to cover the basics before you get fancy, and this is the cut and style that will offer the most versatility in your wardrobe. Just say no to super-light acid washes. They’re dated and unflattering. Check the fit. There’s a fine line between “loose” and “so baggy you’re swimming in them”. Denim that has to be cinched with a belt to prevent a wardrobe malfunction, folds around the ankles, excess fabric pooling around the knees and hips—all are signs that your pants are too baggy and too long. Don’t be afraid of trends. Colored, distressed, waxed or embellished denim can seem intimidating at first, but you can downgrade it...

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Shopping for ladies’ apparel at Derby House

Whether you’re looking for riding jackets, denim, leather, boots, hats, or other accessories, Derby House has you covered. The UK’s leading retailer of equestrian goods carries all of the best brand names like Ariat and Kinpurnie. Not only do they boast a professional in-store staff, they also have experts available by phone to assist you with your online purchases, so you can get the professional expertise you need from the comfort of your home. Comfort is key when shopping for ladies’ derby apparel; you won’t be able to ride properly or control the horse if you’re stuffed into ill-fitting boots or a bulky oversized jacket. Take a moment to size and select your items. If you primarily ride in colder weather, consider sizing up a half-size or so on items like boots and jodhpurs so that you can add extra layers for extra warmth; thermal underwear and the new lightweight wicking socks are very thin and won’t add too much bulk, but will make all the difference in keeping you warm and dry. Today brands like Ariat use advanced fabrics that wick away moisture, protect from the wind, and still offer the styling and details that you crave. Derby House caters to both the casual rider and the serious sportswoman alike. You’ll find a full range of ladies’ riding gear, including… – Breeches and Jodhpurs. Whether for casual wear,...

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Get the Indian look with a saree blouse

The current generation feels more at ease in western outfits and this style of clothing actually rules the wardrobes of the majority of the Indian females. On the other hand, when they need to attend a wedding ceremony and in festivals, they find that nothing looks more elegant and beautiful than a saree. It gives an extraordinarily Indianised appearance to every women along with traditional values and norms. Sarees are considered as the most wonderful clothing for every woman. Apart from that, it also gives a woman an opportunity to show off their accessories which they cannot wear with any other outfit. With the change in the fashion, the saree blouse designs also keeps on changing. A lot of designs and patterns are accessible in saree blouses such as low wide neck, halter neck, tie-ups, big bow back, spaghetti strap blouses, single shoulder, puff style and many more. The color and fabric of the saree must be selected keeping in mind your height, physique and skin tone. Moreover, the exquisiteness and elegance of sarees depends a lot on one more factor, the design of the blouse. This is the reason why majority of the women single their blouses with greatest care and concern. An incorrect design of a blouse can obliterate the reflection of a wonderful Indian saree and your hard efforts to look good-looking goes in vain. Similar...

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Six autumn fashion tips for men

It’s scary how quickly the time flies. As we see the first leaves of autumn begin to fall, summer already seems like a distant memory. But don’t despair: a new season requires a new wardrobe. It’s time to pack away those shorts and stock up on this year’s autumn essentials. Shoes A pair of Grenson brogues is the best place to start for nailing the basics. The tan and pine shades of brown perfectly accompany the fallen leaves they’ll be crunching through. Pair these with a darker pair of Raw Denim jeans and you’re making good progress. Trousers The versatility of denim jeans allows you to work with a variety of hues and shades to create a number of potential outfits. Find a fitted pair that are also comfortable, they’re going to be well worn in by the end of this month! Even if the cold nights are creeping in, that doesn’t mean you should neglect those chinos. Autumn shades of crimson, sage and brown are good staples but if you really want to fend off those winter blues, experiment with an eye-catching hue. A chunky cardigan Don’t be mistaken: now isn’t the time to break out that garish knitted Christmas jumper. A comfy cardigan is an excellent middle ground that will keep you warm on those brisk autumn walks in the country. They match almost anything and are...

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