Month: May 2014

2 Lazy Weekend Outfits that Actually Look Cool

Weekends are the best! We finally get some time off, and get to wear whatever we want. Enough with the high heels and pencil skirts, let’s talk weekend wear! The truth is, we’re so exhausted after a long week’s work, that we get sometimes super lazy. Sometimes, we don’t feel like dressing up at all. The solution? Couldn’t be simpler. An outfit that’s easy to put together, but still looks cool. Kind of like these two looks we picked, and think you might enjoy wearing. They’re both casual and quite perfect for the weekend, whatever you may decide to...

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Make your bedroom bloom with Radiant Orchid

2014s must have color is Radiant Orchid, a beautiful hue of purple with soft fuchsias and beguiling magentas combined with undertones of soft pinks and lavenders. The depth of this color is endless. It is inspired by the iconic flower of South East Asia; a delicate bloom that symbolizes both the decadence and the simplicity of the Far East. Described as magical and intriguing, this sensual shade is perfect for the bedroom. Redecorate or recreate? The good news is that Radiant Orchid can be used against almost any color to create effects from the deeply dramatic to the sensationally subtle. Combine with metallic, such as silver for a dreamy but luxurious feel, or pair with lavish gold to really capture the imagination of the East. Radiant Orchid can be used in rooms of neutral grays, soft pinks and cream to deliver serenity or collide with strong contrasting colors such as oranges, reds and yellows. Team with the boldness of black to bring the East into your bedroom. The choices are endless. A dull bedroom can be uplifted instantly by doing nothing more than changing the color of the duvet on the double bed. Choose from a print of orchids in bloom or keep it simple by using Radiant Orchid as the shade. Try using just the pattern on the pillowcases for a simple effect. Bedspreads and fabrics emphasize color...

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Controversial trend: The chunky heel sandal

We’ve seen the S/S 14 catwalks devoted to the flatform, but making its way along the runway is another style that you’ll either love or hate: the chunky heel sandal. Championing the chunky heeled shoe, designer Marc Jacobs used these as a stylish way to toughen up this season’s sugary-sweet pastels and ladylike lace trends. The sandals were worn with feminine frocks or styled with sport-luxe trousers to add a feminine flourish. Influential trendsetters and style icons like Diane Kruger, Fearne Cotton and Mary-Kate Olson have already been spotted sporting this new footwear. They’ve incorporated this unusual take on sandals into their everyday wardrobe by complementing them with a statement dress or flare style trousers. If you’re questioning whether you should part with your favourite court heels or cork-bottom wedges in favour of the trend, don’t fear! Despite the chunky heel, you’ll still be able to create fun and flirty looks. Strap detailing gives these sandals a sexy aesthetic, while the thick platform base adds an element of functionality to the mix. Whether your summer wardrobe is filled with floral prints, pastel shades, lace textures or even classic monochrome, you’ll find the right pair of chunky heel sandals for you from tReds. This fashion-forward footwear store will have the right shoes for you. If you’ll be sporting the chunky heel sandal, like all active fashion followers, you’ll know to...

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