Month: December 2015

Check out Kate Hudson’s Fabletics to get a new range of customized sportswear

The whole world of 21st century is all about customization and personal preferences. Be it office wear, or sportswear, every person has a choice of its own. However, when it comes to female sportswear, not only are the choices very limited, but women in general are pretty lethargic in this regard. In general, they have a lack of time, and on top of that they tend to be least concerned regarding this issue. The most important aspect that they quite miss out is without a proper gear, the whole fundamental of exercising does not quite hold water. This is because, without the perfect clothes, the body is not able to breathe properly during the workout session and hence has adverse effects. Thus in order to bring along that ‘feel good’ factor while one is in a gym, so that the body reacts in a positive manner, there comes Kate Hudson’s Fabletics clothesline. A retailer in the market of sportswear and accessories, they are clearly the factor that suits the mental framework of today’s women, and most importantly are a range of personalised clothing, making one feel all the more better. Fabletics: the specialised brand:  Founded jointly by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, this luxury brand of sportswear, is most definitely one of the most waited collection in the world of custom made wear. What is most attractive...

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How To Build A Chic Work Wardrobe You Can Be Proud To Wear

Choosing what you’re going to wear to work each morning can be tough. It become more and more difficult to find something that looks unique and interesting. Which can often result in us losing interest in how we look at work. If we are in a rush it’s easy to just throw on the first thing we see, whether it looks good or not. Plus the shops have got that much choice it’s hard to know what you should be buying. If having a work wardrobe that can look different each time you wear it is what you want to achieve, then look no further. Follow this how to guide and create yourself a wardrobe that looks effortlessly chic all day everyday. Image credit: Flickr   Pencil Skirts   The pencil skirt has been an office wear favourite for decades. If something works why change it. This item can be worn with virtually anything, from bold t shirts to floral blouses. Classic black is the most versatile option but try experimenting with other colours too. Deep green and berry red pencil skirts look great with crisp white shirts. Also don’t refrain from texture and pattern, just make sure it’s work appropriate. Florals and geometrics are fashion forward and look fabulous with a simple top. Knitted pencil skirts are an ideal staple for when the temperatures drop and keep you...

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