Need a boost? Here are 23 little tips to lift your mood, improve your self-confidence, and make you feel better overall. Look out world, because a new, sunnier you is on her way!

1. Smile. It’s that simple!
2. Accept a compliment without any qualifiers like “She only said that to be nice.”
3. Sleep more. This refreshes both your body and your mind.
4. Learn something new. Adding to your knowledge makes you feel smarter even when you’re not using that newfound skill.
5. Quit overanalyzing everything already!
6. Stand up straighter. Good posture makes you look thinner.
7. Reward yourself often.
8. Learn from failures and move on.
9. Exercise.
10. Spritz on perfume. A spicy floral can make you feel thinner, which can be a huge confidence booster on, say, a first date.
11. Make eye contact. This shows others that you are a confident person.
12. Say “thank you”. Gratitude feels good!
13. Meditate. Not only does it help to relieve anxiety, it can be a great way to unwind after a long day so you can get a good night’s rest (see #3!).
14. Laugh out loud. Watching a funny Youtube video is a great midday mood booster.
15. Volunteer. Helping others boosts everybody’s moods!
16. Put on lipstick. Many women report feeling more confident when wearing makeup.
17. Take a walk. Walking lifts your mood and gets your blood pumping, which helps fend off sluggishness.
18. Eat your veggies.
19. Ditch the mantras. They actually tend to call attention to negative thoughts and feelings.
20. Make a list of everything in your life that’s positive.
21. Set realistic goals. Even if that’s only “feed the cat”.
22. Breathe.
23. Take a vacation. All work and no play leads to burnout, which can lead you to think more negatively about things.