low cut dress with body chain

Body chains are like fashion armor for women. They have the power to lift the game up in just seconds and are famous for glam up the plain attire. They can make your look something from nothing. The best part of body chains is that they look good on every body size. But it with the right outfit can be tricky. In order to sizzle up your look and those online dresses you bought and now they are just hanging in your closet, you just need to match your body chain with it.




Here are the best styling ways to pair your body chain:

  1. With a hot bikini

bikini with body chain

A bikini is possibly the most common items to wear a body chain with.  A body chain and bikini make the hottest combo, and make them look hotter together. The simple bikini can do wonders with the golden body chain. There’s something about this pairing that is both edgy and in-your-face sexy. They look good on every body type and give you the glam look with that plain bikini. Either you wear it from within or out, it gives the stunning beach look.



  1. crop top with body chainWith Pencil skirts


Online women tops are very popular and are available in multiple styles and fabrics. Especially crop tops have become the king of this clothing line. They go along well with everything. Crop tops and high waisted pencil skirts look really cool together. They make the great pair. You can pair a body chain with halter neck crop top and pencil skirt and enjoy a chic look. Wearing this body chain with the attire can actually enhance the beauty of your look.


  1. With bodycon dresses

Bodycon dresses have always been one of the hottest and sexiest dresses. They are also known as body hugging dresses because of its shape. These dresses are well fitted and help women in flaunting their gorgeous curves in big way. These online dresses are easily available in a wide array of multiple styles and designs. Be it a romantic date or your best friend’s bachelorette; believe me nobody will be able to take off eyes from you. Pairing these dresses with a gold or silver colour body chain gives an edgy look.



  1. With spaghetti tops

strappy top and jeans with body chain

I honestly never thought that the combination of spaghetti tops with high waisted shorts or jeans along with these simple but pretty body chains can look this classy. Spaghetti tops have become the new in trend. Whether you wear it with every day jeans or layer up a shrug with it, it always looks super cool. These online tops are easily available in a multitude of styles, designs and fabrics. Pairing gold plated body chain with these basic coloured tops given a totally timeless look. You can layer up a denim or leather jacket over it for a winter look.

I hope these styling tips will help you in a big way. Just believe in yourself and you can do wonders with these gorgeous body chains. Match them up with the right outfit and enjoy the edgy and classy look.