Most of today’s style trends are not quite “mature women-friendly.” Everything just seems to look so young that if a woman in her late 40s were to try anything on, she would look rather ridiculous. Even those popular “mom jeans” tend to have distressed features, perhaps to make them more hip, and the struggle they create for older moms is definitely nothing to scoff about.

If you’re a mature woman and just starting to find out that most clothing items for your age make you look older than you are, and the rest of the options in retail stores make you look like you’re trying hard to look young, there’s help available.

Professional agency stylists in Dubai have age-defying style secrets for you. Here are eight fashion wisdom nuggets for youthful dressing you can keep in your style arsenal.

1. Stop wearing jewelry sets.

If you have a lot of high-quality jewelry pieces that came as a set, perhaps you’re quite inclined to wear them all at the same time. However, stylists say that if you want a more youthful approach to accessorizing, it’s better to not do that. Instead, try contrasting but complimenting pieces.

Likewise, decide on what will be your statement piece because nothing will date your look more than having bold pieces competing with each other.

2. Have your clothes tailored to fit.

One of the banes of aging is it alters a person’s body shape. Fat starts settling in the nether parts, making one look heavier than one truly is. This is the main reason why tailoring clothes is a must. Tailored outfits hug the body the right way, and at the same time, control body shape comfortably.

Avoid boxy cuts that are supposed to be one size fits all if you’re a more mature woman. Go for structured pieces that can flatter your womanly shape.

3. “No” to overly sensible footwear.

Granted, the last thing you want is to compromise your ability to walk from one location to another by wearing high heels that make you long, lean and stylish, but overly sensible footwear like Crocs can make any stylish ensemble instantly frumpy.

Update your look with footwear that come with comfort features. The latest releases from designer brands are worth investing in because they have built-in arches and sturdy construction. Although it will be better for you to forget about stilettos, you don’t have to ditch sophistication by settling for potato-looking footwear. Kitten heels and wedges are perfect footwear alternatives to buy.

Smart style tip: Fashion models in Dubai advise investing in pointy-toed style footwear to make youthful dressing, glamorous. But if you’re worried about the discomfort of wearing such footwear, they advise going half a size larger than your usual shoe size to create more toe room.

4.     Don’t play it too safe or get reckless with colors.

Here’s the common issue with older women – they either stick to a boring neutral palette or they visually assault with bold colors for their outfits. Learn how to strike a balance.

Tan or beige clothing can look more exciting with a loud pop of coral or royal blue. Or, if you love the slimming effect of one-tone dressing, you can make sure it doesn’t look fuddy-duddy by wearing metallic flats or wearing a funky-looking purse.

Meanwhile, if you love vibrant hues, one of the things you can do is to make your bright and printed pieces less busy by wearing them under a single colored suit.

5. Invest in slim-cut pants.

When you’re getting older, the one thing you should always do to avoid looking frumpy is to create a nice silhouette for your body. Sticking to slim-cut pants like the capris that Audrey Hepburn loved will make you look sleek and younger.

To make these “bottoms” even more flattering, make sure the length of the pants ends precisely five inches from the ankle.

There you go – five style secrets that make mature women look fiercely elegant yet youthful. Implement these in putting together your daily garb, and you will not only look younger, you’ll feel younger too.