Homecoming parties are meant to be fun and enjoying, but it doesn’t mean that you have to go wild in your merrymaking. Proper decorum must still be followed so that all of the attendants of this party will be able to enjoy the celebration to the fullest. This article will talk more about the 5 things to avoid during homecoming parties to guide high school seniors and maintain etiquette in celebrating an important affair such as this.

Homecoming Dresses

1. Wearing of improper outfits for the occasion – It is a given that most ladies will surely love to be noticed during this occasion by wearing eye-catching homecoming dresses. But “eye-catching” doesn’t have to be loud or too revealing as this might be inappropriate for the theme of your celebration. Try to wear something that will define your personality and not to wear something “clowny” in the process or you might end up being the laughing stuff of the evening. Dress in simple yet definitive outfits and you will be more adored by your peers the entire evening.

2. Blocking the way to the food table – Of course you might want to munch on some of the delicious hors d’oeuvres every now and then, but please be mindful of you actions as there are also others who want to have a taste of these foods. Focus on the fun and not on the food as this might also ruin your figure.

3. Not mingling with others – C’mon! What’s the big idea of getting dressed with a stunning outfit if you’re not blending in? Instead of being glued to your seat or getting overly romantic with you BF, have a great time with your friends and peers and make this a night worth remembering.

4. Asking the DJ to change the music – Try not to be too selfish and ask the DJ to play tracks of your own choice because others might not be able to sync in to your fave tunes. Though all of you practically listen to the same types of music, it would be better to leave the background music to the master as he has prepared the right lists of tunes to keep everyone from partying.

5. Getting drunk – Spirits and booze might turn the celebration into a more interesting event, but it would be best NOT to indulge in these drinks for the moment. Would you want to look at you homecoming party 10 years from now and remember puking all around your wonderful dress? Nah, it an’t worth it. So have some clean fun instead and cherish this day as part of your teenage life.

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