Summer is here! And with that, comes the time for you to ditch your sweaters, socks, and cardigans for something refreshing and sexy. Unfortunately, because not all of us are fashion experts who know the latest ins and outs and trends of the industry, we have to turn towards other sources for information. Now while there are hundreds of vendors out there who claim to be the best, there are only a few who offer what you need.

Before we talk about the places where you can get new ideas from, you need to know the clothes you wear aren’t the only thing you must change if you want to look like a true diva. Instead, look into dresses, shoes, accessories such as bags and jewelry and other such essentials to find out how you can transform yourself into a trendy fashionista.

So, here are six of the top places where you can find the best inspiration for your collection, and who knows, you might even pick a thing or two from one of these stores while you’re on your venture.

1.   Macy’s

Ranked at #4 in the clothing and shopping category, Macy’s is the place where you can find the best ideas for your summer collection. You can discover jumpsuits, pants and capris, dresses, skirts, denim shorts and bikinis all in one store.

The wonderful thing about Macy’s is that you can find accessories like sunglasses and watches to go with your outfit, so you don’t have to guess whether something will look good. The website’s collection is updated according to the current season. This is why you won’t find it difficult to browse through to what you’re looking for in summer.

2.   Lotus

Another great online shopping store where you can find everything you’re looking for your summer collection is Lotus. You have the option to shop by trend, and this will help you in uncovering a lot of great attires and accessories. The store has a vast collection of maxi dresses and tank tops which are exactly in line with the latest runway trends.

You can also check out the featured collection at Lotus as these can tell you a lot about what’s in and what’s out. You can build an outfit from head to toe using this online boutique and look fabulous too!

3.   Sophie & Trey

If you’re looking for cool summer outfit and accessories ideas, Sophie & Trey should be your #1 option. The website’s new summer look will have you feeling like you’re walking into a store that has everything you need. You can not only find inspiration but also shop for tops, shorts, dresses and so much more at Sophie & Trey. If you want to stay in the limelight and know about the color tones that are trending, this is the perfect place for you to be.

4.   Forever 21

Known as one hub of the fashion industry, Forever 21 has all the trends you’re looking for. Whether it’s the balloon sleeves featured by the Louis Vuitton collection or the sequins dresses by Marc Jacobs, this brand has everything you’d want.

Forever 21 has kept tabs on each of the happenings of the seasonal runway and made sure you have access to the world’s trendiest fashions. Browse through their new arrivals, and you’re sure to find some inspiration for your own summer collection. If you can’t stop yourself and want to buy something, you can take advantage of the several deals they have going on because this is something that the brand is famous for.

5.   Nordstrom

Nordstrom is another brand you’ll fall in love with when you find out how trendy and up-to-date their collection is. They have everything from versatile strips and off-shoulder tops to side panel details and bike shorts which were highlighted styles on the runway.

If you’ve always thought checks were old-fashioned, then you can’t be more wrong because Nordstrom and all other online boutiques have a vast collection of these and they always been trending. You can pair up the outfits you’re choosing for inspiration with jewelry and handbags available at the store too.

6.   Topshop

Finally, if you haven’t found what you’re looking for at the boutiques mentioned above, or are looking for something else, you can head over to Topshop. This brand, which is originally from the UK has a cool summer guide that will tell you all there is to know about the things you should embrace and what you must ignore if you want to be in the spotlight.

They have a comprehensive collection of mini, maxi, florals, ruffles and a range of other products that are perfect for summer. If you want to swim this season, look through their assortment of bikinis and find something sexy yet comfortable to wear.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring out your fashion diary and write about the trends and buy whatever you like best!