There are a lot of myths out there about sunscreen use, and with summer just beginning, it’s important to have the facts so you can protect yourself from overexposure. Here are 7 common myths to beware of:

Myth: I don’t need sunscreen on cloudy days.
Fact: Clouds are a spotty UV blocker, so use at least SPF 15 every day even when the sun is playing peekaboo!

Myth: The higher the SPF rating, the better.
Fact: A sunscreen’s SPF rating is based on using a full ounce enough to fill a shot glass to cover your body, and a full teaspoon to cover your face. If you use less, you automatically reduce the SPF factor, meaning that SPF 50 might only be yielding an SPF of 15 to 30.

Myth: I only need to reapply my sunscreen after swimming.
Fact: Reapply every two hours, even if you don’t get wet.

Myth: I don’t need sunscreen if I’m inside most of the day.
Fact: Glass don’t provide a shield against UV rays, so if you sit near a window at work or have a long commute, you still need sunscreen.

Myth: All sunscreens will make my face look greasy or break out later.
Fact: There are plenty of new lightweight formulas on the market that won’t irritate sensitive skin or clog your pores (look for the word “non-comodegenic” on the label). Some are ultra-sheer and designed especially for layering under makeup!

Myth: I have darker skin or a base tan, so I don’t need sunscreen.
Fact: Even dark skin provides little UV blockage, so though you might not burn as easily as your paler girlfriends, you’re still at risk for sun-related skin cancers.

Myth: I need more vitamin D, so I should skip sunscreen.
Fact: A better idea, talk to your doctor about taking a supplement!