Jeans buying guide for womenA good pair of jeans should never be underestimated. If your jeans are cheap, then believe me, they will look cheap. Nothing is worse than a pair of jeans bagging around the backside, hanging off in all the wrong places and gathering around the ankles. Even if your ‘bargain’ jeans look the business when you’re trying them on in the shop, a few hours of wear and a wash later and you’ll have the biggest builder’s bum this side of the English channel.

Although you may be reluctant to part with your hard earned cash for a pricier pair, they will look a damn sight better and will last you considerably longer. Make sure you consider the following tips when investing in some fresh denim:

1. Make sure you get a pair that fits perfectly. The last thing you want is to have your jeans bagging off you after a few wears. Jeans have a good few inches of give and if you are torn between two sizes it is always a good idea to go with the smaller of the two particularly with skinny jeans.

2. If you get black jeans they WILL fade, it is a given no matter how much they cost. You can delay the fading process however by washing inside out on a low temperature. Obviously the quality of the jeans will affect the wear and tear and how quickly the ink washes away. A cheap pair from the high-street won’t last as long as, say, some of the really high quality stuff from Japanese artisan jean-makers such as Edwin.

3. Never get jeans that are too short even by a couple of centimetres. The ‘preparing for floods’ look is not a good one. That’s not to say you should go the other way. Folds of denim around the ankles can ruin the look of the most gorgeous pair of jeans. If you are ordering online make sure you get your measurements spot on. Buying jeans should never be a guessing game.

4. The idea of jeans being boring is a serious misconception that brings blind rage to the devoted denim clad dame such as myself. Every woman should own a few pairs of staple jeans that can be worn with anything but there are also times when the jeans can do the talking. Whether it is a printed pair or some colourful strides, jeans are always a fashion forward option that can be as eye-catching as you please. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your denim.

5. Bearing the above in mind, denim overkill is a serious fashion crime. Double denim should be avoided at all costs, packed away with the shell suits and leg warmers.

6. If you are going for designer, Diesel jeans really are the cream of the denim crop. Javelin Online offers an extensive range of washes and cuts via their online site. Diesel jeans will never lose their shape and are also the ultimate in comfortable denim. Levis and Pepe Jeans are also a safe option for quality and style.

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