shoes3Like every girl on the planet I love Carrie, the character famously created by Sarah Jessica Parker, for the cult TV programme that was Sex in the City!

When I first moved away from home to go to drama school, I lived next door to the most wonderful vintage store that weighed the clothes, so there began my love of very light, very cheep, vintage clothes and also the start of my ever growing vintage collection!

Don’t get me wrong, I also love shoes, bags and all the other stuff that goes a long with creating an outfit, however I must admit, unlike Carrie, I don’t spend thousands on my shoes! I wish I could, but unfortunately I do not earn the funds, I do not have the overdraft extension and I do not have an understanding bank manager. I spend on my dresses, however my shoes are often a second thought…. not anymore!!
I just purchased a lovely pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes and in true Carrie Bradshaw style; they are to be worn with my £20.00 hot pink vintage dress!

They are jelly shoes with a mid length heel, they are super comfy, I wore them to dinner last night and had lots of comments! When you walk they are very quiet and you kind of feel like you are walking in high heel trainers?

I think they are a must to any girlies closet especially the Carrie lovers out there!!

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