She may have played a fashionista in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ but in real life Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway prefers to read work by physicist Albert Einstein over a copy of Vogue.

“Remember, I’m living in LA so I’m interested in energies and vibes. Look, it’s not a very polished argument but I’m learning. I’m reading a lot about Einstein. I like theories. I want to understand string theory. I’m dying for someone to explain quarks to me!,” Hathaway said.

The 27-year-old actress admits that she spends her spare time reading physics textbooks rather than fashion pages, GQ magazine reported. “I’m interested in elementary particles. What I like thinking about is how time and space exist in the universe and how we understand it. Any spare time I have, I bury my head in a physics textbook,” Hathaway said. “What I also think is fascinating is that the elements at the atomic and subatomic level make up everything. You, me, the buildings, our souls, our minds,” she added.

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