For centuries, linen has been present for most necessities in the world. A textile that is derived from the flax plants, linen is a darling of many because of its longevity. Moreover, it appears gorgeous and extravagant. Over the years, its use has dramatically changed. Nevertheless, it continues to dominate most industries – the clothing industry topping the list. Linen is used in the production of an array of fabrics such as napkins, tablecloths, bed sheets, and towels.

Perfectly blended bed linen is a top consideration for most hotels. Today, most guests prefer hotels that have rooms with properly attended bed linens. When buying bed linen for hotel use, consider the following factors:


Settle for a bed linen that gets better with more and more washing. This allows it to bring softness to the tight woven fine threads. The linen you choose should absorb more water in a wash. This will definitely save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.


In your search for an affordable bed linen, be sure to look for the term ‘percale.’ Percale simply refers to the kind of weave used. It gives any fabric the sheer strength it needs. It means that your linen will last longer even in many washes. Therefore, the next time you are looking for linen for your hotel beds, be sure to be on the lookout for this term.


John Mercer invented mercerization. This refers to a chemical treatment process for treating cotton. The modern development of mercerization allows for the production of a stronger and softer fabric. If you want to settle for the best cheap bed linen, then take your time and ensure that it has passed through this process. Mercerization ensures your linen is durable and does not fade or lose its quality.

The laundry process

The choice of laundry is an important factor to consider; for instance if you use the wrong detergent and in incorrect amounts, then you will be shocked by the results. Even the best or highest quality linen will turn grey when exposed to such harsh laundry conditions, especially when using hard water.

When buying, consider the laundry system you shall be using. Ask for references from your hotel counterparts. Be sure to verify the references to ensure that they are genuine.

It takes three

It is an incredible idea to buy three linen sets – six pillow cases, sheets – fitted and flat – and a minimum of two comforters, coverlets, and duvet covers. Three sets of linen ensure your hotel bed is never bare. With a three piece, you can have one set on the bed, another one being laundered, and another one in the closet as backup. Having another set in the linen closet goes miles in helping you in case of emergencies.

With the above considerations, you will surely settle for the most affordable bed linen. Also to know more you can visit –