The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret BookA way of thinking and feeling. It’s a 3 step process – Ask, Believe, Receive. Ask the universe for what you want. Have unwavering faith that you will get it. And then receive it.

For example, a man named Morris Goodman crashed his airplane in 1981 and was completely paralyzed as a result. He had no lung function and could do nothing on his own but blink. Morris made the decision in his mind that he was going to walk out of the hospital despite what the doctors said. He constantly visualized himself walking out of the hospital and wouldn’t let anything distract him from his goal. He achieved this goal and has been dubbed the miracle man. He attributes his successful recovery to “the secret.”
Simplistic version of thousands of years of information. After my original infatuation with Charles Haanel’s Master Key System and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, I found this to be a modern day version of the message they were trying to put out.

Most skeptics do not believe in the law of attraction which is a major principle in all three of these works. Simply put the law of attraction states we are all like magnets and that our thoughts and feelings will magnetize people and events to come towards you.

What I say to the skeptics – consider this – it was not so long ago that people thought the power of electricity did and could not exist. However, the computer you’re looking at right now, the light that lights your home, the cell phone in your pocket, and the Jeep Power Wheels you just bought your kid for Christmas are all here because of electricity.

The principles of The Secret book are controversial. The reason being because it is not something tangible. I challenge anyone to read the book and disprove the theory. Only the faithful need take me up on this!