Nurturing and hands-on growing are largely out of the question once the long, cold spell of winter sets in. Nonetheless, if a garden has been properly prepared for the winter season it can still provide an attractive view from the windows and many hours of pleasure.

Maintaining a winter garden is largely a matter of clearing up and keeping things tidy, as there will be little growth occurring. Check out Pat’s Small Engine Plus for all outdoor equipment and parts.

A winter garden can be visually stimulating and inspiring, helping people to immerse themselves in this magical season whilst at the same time eagerly anticipating the joys of the summer months not all that far ahead. Here are just a few ideas for sprucing up a garden as winter sets in.

Planting berries

Planting a few bushes with berries before the frost comes is guaranteed to provide a vivid burst of seasonal color. Berries are not only pleasing visually but will attract all manner of birds and other wildlife to the garden, injecting life into the bleakest backdrop.

Setting up a bird bath

Making sure water is available in the garden throughout winter will provide birds with essential drink. Any ice that develops should be cracked each morning and some warm water added to attract birds of all kinds, thus bringing color and motion to the garden.

Erecting winter containers

Winterberry stems, willow branches and miniature evergreen trees can be planted in weather-safe winter containers and placed at various points around the garden to add architectural interest and color.

Embellishing existing structures

Arches, trellises, potting sheds and benches can all be painted bright colors or adorned with various decorations to showcase the season. A bird feeder hung from an arch or a twig wreath nailed to the door of a potting shed can make all the difference.

Adding a few ice balls

Filling balloons with water is an old trick. A few drops of food coloring should be added to the water and the balloon left to freeze outdoors before the rubber film is removed. These glamorous ice balls can then be placed in a rustic wheelbarrow or wooden bucket to create a suitably seasonal effect.

Flowers for winter

The best colors for a winter garden are warm oranges and reds, frosty yellows and icy blues. These all encapsulate the season and can be provided by a range of winter blooms readily obtainable online or in the high street.

Winter jasmine is a golden-yellow climber whose branches are clad in innumerable flowers even in severe frosty weather.

Wintergreen has red fruits from October onwards that look great in baskets and pots, and burgundy leaves throughout the winter months.

Bee balm flowers in summer but lasts well into the winter, when it is characterized by an attractive, icy-blue silhouette and still gives off an herbal scent.

Rosa Rugosa has rose hips that are deep red and attract birds. It is a botanical rose that comes in a great variety of forms, including climbers and bushes.