Cashmere is a highly lauded fashion piece all over the world today. With its versatile style and cozy feel, there’s no wonder why many people just can’t get enough of this all-season fashion must-have. Cashmere is known for its incomparable soft material and warm comfort.

But have you ever wondered what there really is to cashmere, and what makes it so superior and a tad pricey? Check out this comprehensive guide and find out all about your favorite fashion piece.

First, what really is cashmere?

Cashmere is made from wool produced from the fine fiber undercoat of the Cashmere goat and several other related species. These originate from the North West Indian region of Kashmir. These types of goats produce a type of two-layered double fleece, made of a coarse hair outer layer that makes the undercoat water repellent, which in turn is made up of ultra-fine hairs. This soft hair is what’s used for cashmere wool.

What makes cashmere expensive?

It takes up to four years for one goat to produce enough undercoat hair to be able to make a single cashmere jumper. This and the cultivating of goats, including the intricate process of acquiring and handling the raw material, all constitute a long, drawn-out and laborious task.

The process of making cashmere

The harvesting of the hair commences once the goat starts to shed its winter coat around springtime. This would then require the fibers to be de-haired, which is the removing of the coarser materials from the external fleece, as this outer layer is not required for cashmere production. Once this is accomplished, the fine hair is then washed and dyed, then the yarn spinning is then tackled, with the resulting material used for manufacturing garments.

Quality of cashmere

Cashmere yarns come with different grades of quality, depending on where the fiber was taken on a goat’s body. The softest wool usually comes from underneath the belly and the throat, so yarns made from the fibers in these parts are tagged with a premium price tag.

Difference between regular wool and cashmere

Soft quality

Cashmere is famous for its soft, silky feel across the skin. A piece of clothing, on the other hand, that is made from coarse sheep’s wool is bound to create that all-too prevalent itch. Cashmere provides an entirely different experience that is free of itch and gives a cozy feel.

Cozy comfort

Cashmere is highly valued for its excellent ability for insulation, far more than other types of wool. Furthermore, certain types of high-grade cashmere are known to produce eight times the warmth of regular sheep’s wool.

Resilient quality of cashmere

Cashmere has the wonderful quality of not shrinking when washed, unlike many types of sheep’s wool. Cashmere does entail, however, great care. There are specific washing instructions for this type of material, and provided you follow them, cashmere will retain its shape much more than other kinds of wool.

These are just some of the interesting information you should know about cashmere to understand its value. In the fashion world, cashmere is a sought-after material that is incorporated into different types of clothing, making it a top style must-have.

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