1Skin blemishes are a bother for most people, but for celebrities, they are unacceptable. Celebrities need camera-ready complexions even when they’re not on set. With paparazzi documenting the every movement of A-list celebrities, pimples, sun spots and uneven skin tones will end up plastered on the pages on gossip mags. Mega stars like Jennifer Aniston and David Beckham rely on high-profile estheticians for picture-perfect skin. While not everyone can afford these luxury services, anyone can follow the celebrities’ proven beauty regiments for more beautiful skin.

Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Tips

Jennifer Aniston’s skin just glows. The Aveeno spokeswoman insists you don’t have to have to spend a lot on products for beautiful skin. “The skin care rule I stand by is simply cleanse, tone, and moisturize,”Aniston told “New York” magazine in 2013. The blockbuster actress also says exfoliating, drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep and exercising regularly helps keep her skin looking its best.Of course, Aniston also relies on trips to esthetics clinics that offer services including microdermabrasion, peels and European facials. Microdermabrasion is popular among celebrities because it uses a spray of tiny crystals to remove layers of dead skin to reveal softer, brighter and younger-looking skin.







David Beckham’s Skin Care Routine

3David Beckham may have become famous for his football – AKA soccer – skills, but his long-lasting celebrity is thanks in part to his gorgeous face and toned physic. Beckham’s famous face has landed him modeling campaigns with Girogio Armani and H&M.

Like Jennifer Aniston, David Beckham touts moisturizing, eating well and getting lots of sleep as important to his skin. Speaking with “GQ Magazine,” Bechkam said he always makes sure to take care of his skin with sunscreen. Since his waxed body is often on display in his underwear ads, Beckham told “GQ” that he always uses a good body moisturizer, such as from Nivea or The Body Shop.






Esthetics Education and Employment

4In interviews, celebrities like to focus on their simple and affordable beauty secrets, but the truth is celebrities also visit salons and spas that charge thousands of dollars for each esthetics service. Estheticians help a varied clientele achieve healthier skin by tailoring skin care regimens to the individual’s needs. Through Marinello Schools of Beauty Esthetics (Skin Care) Program, you can take the first steps to become a skin care specialist to the stars.

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Through the Esthetics (Skin Care) Program, you will work with real customers to develop your customer service and communication skills. The program is rounded out with courses in health and safety, including the laws and regulations you will need to know to ace the state board exam.

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