With both Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian dressing their baby bumps, women everywhere are keeping an eye on these two of the world’s most popular women to see how they carry out their pregnancies in style. Maternity wear used to be dowdy and baggy, but no more; today maternity clothes are as chic and stylish as the clothing you would wear normally!

Maternity Clothes

Stores like A Pea in the Pod specialize in designer maternity wear, carrying everything from basic lingerie and separates to swimwear and gorgeous dresses. Today’s maternity clothes let you dress your baby bump in comfort and style for any occasion, so let’s look at some of the basics you’ll want and what’s hot with expecting celebs.

Comfort is key

Kate Middleton is reportedly browsing Seraphine maternity clothes at department store Peter Jones in London, checking out their chic maternity tights and leggings. When you’re expecting, particularly if you’re having an uncomfortable pregnancy, leggings give you all the comfort of your favorite pair of yoga pants with just a little more style built in. Layer them with breezy tunics or short dresses and no one will guess it only took you a few moments to get dressed in the morning.

Dresses aren’t out!

Maternity wear used to mean shapeless tunics, but chic maternity dresses are now the norm. Middleton has been rocking frocks from Topshop and MaxMara, proving that there’s no need to hide a bump under a shapeless tent.

Stretchy fabrics are comfortable and won’t strain against a growing belly. Wrap dresses, always a chic option, can adjust to accommodate your growing belly can be purchased in cool cotton for the summer months.

You might want to adjust your footwear, though

While Kim Kardashian has been seen hoofing it around the globe in her customary sky-high heels, doctors advise against wearing high heels during pregnancy. The logic is simple: you’re more prone to falling and hurting yourself (and the baby) if you’re tottering around off-balance in skyscraper shoes.

So instead of wearing stilettos which will be even more uncomfortable when your feet begin to swell with pregnancy opt for comfy yet chic flats by a brand like J. Crew, Tory Burch, or Chloe. All offer options that will make your fellow fashionistas drool with envy, and at the end of the day, your feet won’t hate you. It’s also worth investing in insoles for your shoes, to make sure your arches are being properly supported.

Chic maternity jeans do exist

Kardashian has spoken out about her love of J. Brand British skinny jeans, so if you’re not ready for leggings yet, don’t worry! Chic maternity denim does exist, and you can find it in an array of cuts and colors to suit every mood. You don’t have to stop at basic denim; try colored or even printed denim! ShopBop and Just Maternity Jeans are both great places to start.

About up top…

Pregnancy can wreak havoc on your body, so lots of light layers will help you stay comfortable throughout the day. Lightweight cardigans and scarves can layer over camisoles and tees so you can easily add or remove layers as needed. If you’re concerned that your growing belly is straining against stretchy tops but don’t want to go into full tunic mode, look for a tunic-length top with an empire waist. Then top it with a gauzy vest or cardigan. This combo is chic and still shapely but won’t look too tight against your baby bump.

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