If you’re going to be selecting a watch soon, there are 6 important things you should bear in mind when making your choice. Want to know what they are? Read on so you can select the perfect watch:

Golden watch

1. It Should Suit Your Kind of Lifestyle


Your new watch needs to suit your lifestyle, especially if you plan on wearing it every day. If you’re a personal trainer, for example, you might want a nice sporty looking watch that will look great in the gym and in casual settings. If you’re a high class business person, a more formal style watch to impress clients and colleagues would be suitable. Think of your lifestyle and what you do the most in order to choose the right watch.


2. The Size of the Watch Face Can Make it Look Girly


Many people buy a watch only to realise that it looks more like a girl’s watch when worn because of the size of the watch face. Be careful when it comes to purchasing a seemingly normal sized watch face – watch faces are getting bigger and bigger, so the bigger the face, the more masculine the watch. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a watch with a big face if you’re a woman – masculine watches for women can look great. Shinola.com does a wide range of watches that can give you inspiration.


3. Do You Need it to Be Waterproof?


Will you often find yourself in water? If you’re a lifeguard, for example, you’ll need a waterproof watch on your wrist. If you hardly ever go near water, then you should be ok with a standard watch – although the majority of big brand watches are at least water resistant nowadays.


4. Make Sure it Goes With Your Other Clothing/Accessories


If you often wear a certain colour clothing, make sure that your new watch will match. You’ll also need to take a look at your current accessories to ensure that they go with your new watch too. Your new timepiece should fit in seamlessly with your current wardrobe.


5. Set a Budget


Buying watches can be an expensive business. It’s easy to get tempted to buy a watch that’s well out of your price range, so make sure you know your budget and stick to it. You should do this whether you’re buying a lower end designer watch or a more high end watch.


6. Be Cautious of Fakes


If you’re buying online, or in some cases offline, you need to be careful of fake watches. Many people will try to cash in on fake watches by claiming they are pieces from some of the big brands and then playing dumb if you find them out. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Make sure you know how to tell if a watch is fake or not!


Now you can go and choose your new watch with confidence. Thanks for reading!


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