Traveling alone can be a unique experience for the solo travelers, especially for the women. They can obtain a liberating experience by following their own rules and time tables. But the single woman travelers must follow some safety guide during their adventurous trips. The resorts in Tadoba offer some precautions that are necessary for the single female travelers.

Proactive about Public Transports: If you are a single woman traveler, you should be aware of the public transportation system of the destination where you are going. The departure and arrival time of the train or bus services must be known to you. Reconfirming the time will ensure your safety and nothing else. If you notice that the train is departing late night, you can wait in busy internet parlors or in the lounge of the station. It is also possible to request for female roommates if you are traveling overnight in the train.

Trust Your Instincts: You can follow your instincts in your holiday too. The female instincts will help you to understand whether you are comfortable or not. When you observe that the situation is going from friendliness to aggressiveness, you can definitely avoid the surroundings immediately.

Stay at Busy Places: During your travel, you can always stay in the busy places so that you can always seek help from the public if you need. Avoid walking in the isolated roads and never start hiking without informing anyone where you are going.

Always Take Calculated Risks: There can be risks during your travel but you are required to take them in the calculated manner. Some basic planning can help you to avoid adverse situations during your travel. If you are traveling in an unknown place, then it is always advisable to book the hotel room well in advance. If the hotel room is booked for your first night in the unknown place, then it becomes easy to book further according to your requirements.

Respect the Culture with Your Dress: There can be many countries where there are strict dress codes. You should follow the culture of the country and dress accordingly. This will help in interacting more comfortably with the local population of the country and you can avoid the unwanted attention from the local people.

Watch out Your Drinks: Attractive nightlife can increase your enjoyment during your travel but you should always be careful if you are traveling alone. You should consume alcoholic drinks moderately so that you do not be tipsy in an unknown place.

Keep Your Valuables Locked: You can keep the valuables locked in the hotel. If you are carrying flashy jewellery, you are actually inviting the thieves towards you. You can request for a safe in your hotel or can carry your own lock while packing your bags.

Maps and Guidebooks: The guidebooks and the maps can be helpful when you are traveling in the new places. You can also get information about the hotels and the restaurants in the map and can locate them without any difficulty.

Make Friends: You can make friends with other travelers. If you are traveling in some remote places, then moving with a company can be very useful.

If you follow some simple precautions, then traveling alone can be exciting. Staying aware and following your instincts can be a great weapon against any unwanted situation. Busy places can be the safest places during your travel. You can also follow the maps and can create your own time table according to your convenience.

The resorts in Tadoba can provide you with all the facilities that are appropriate for solo women traveller.