Engagement Ring

Research has shown that the majority of women, independent ones included, dream about the day their prince charming requesting their hand in marriage. Truth is that, the bigger deal out of this event is the engagement ring-it’s what they’ll talk about with their girlfriends, work colleagues and so forth.
If you’re a woman of high moral standing, you deserve the best. On the other hand, if you’re a man whose worth your salt and want to shower your woman with nothing but the best, getting the ‘proper’ engagement ring is the most crucial thing you can do. Here UK jewellery specialists SWAG tell us what they think are the hottest engagement ring trends right now.

Coloured Stones

One of the biggest and conspicuous engagement rings trend right now is the colored engagement rings, lets face it if it’s good enough for Kate Middleton it’s good enough for us! More and more people are into colours as far as engagement rings are concerned. This trend will go on past 2013. It’s important for you to note however that not all coloured engagement rings will be fantastic this year. It’s how the colours on the engagement rings match with one’s colour preferences and overall accessories that matters; the ring should reflect the personality of its wearer.

Vintage is another element of engagement rings that is growing fast. An advantage of getting vintage engagement rings is the fact that they look luxurious, simple, yet unique which is something most people look for when buying them. Vintage lovers also love that their ring has a past and often a story.


Human obsession with diamonds will never cease, after all diamonds are forever! Diamonds are known to be the hardest, most durable minerals for an engagement ring because of the symbolism. Diamonds last forever. It’s a message you’d want to bind your union, right?

Split shanks

Split shank engagement rings are also fast becoming an ‘it’ thing among modern brides. As a style derived from the twisted shank designs, this engagement ring style looks beautiful on any woman. This is a trend to watch, as it will continue to grow.

Big solitaires

Engagement rings with huge solitaires are also in as far as fashion trends go. This means that more and more people are moving towards engagement rings with 2 or more carat dazzlers, which look amazing on the finger. This trend could be attributed to modern celebs who are often snapped wearing huge solitaire rings. Nevertheless, they look great.

Oval cut engagement rings

Forget about the round cut engagement rings for a minute because the new ones just in are oval. These rings look fabulous and look different compared to what everyone is accustomed to. Specially designed for women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to get that, the rings are also exotic and beautiful.

Overall, an engagement ring is very important for every romantic relationship. These trends are pointers to help you make yours memorable between you and your loved one.

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