For women, picking the right bra is one of the most difficult tasks. There are the factors related to picking the right size, picking the right style, and picking the right fabric. Picking a bra is not as simple as going into the store and picking the first one off the rack that is in the size that you are used to wearing. There are bras that are better suited for casual attire, such as t-shirts, whereas women can pick bras more geared toward a specific style of type with relation to the cut and the fabric used. What men may not realize is that picking out a bra requires considering everything, including the fabric used to make the bra.

Why The Fabric Matters?

One of the main reasons why a woman needs to consider the fabric used to make a bra is because of how that fabric will interact with the fabric of the shirt, blouse, or dress being worn. A fabric that is not sleek and smooth would not be ideal when the woman is wearing a shirt made of a slick or smooth fabric, such as silk and satin. If a woman wears a lace bra, for example, with a satin or silk dress or blouse, the fabric could bunch or snag, detracting from the look of the outfit being worn. If a woman tends to wear casual clothing, ThirdLove’s t-shirt bra is a great option for it offers coverage and will not negatively interact with materials used in casual clothing.

Another reason why the fabric used to make a bra makes a difference is how the bra supports, lifts, and covers the breasts. The fabric used in bras needs to be chosen very carefully. Light fabrics that do not provide any type of support are a less than ideal option for women with large breasts that need additional support. For women with smaller breasts it is easy for them to wear light fabric that give them the coverage and minimal support they need or want.

Bra Fabric And Style

When a woman plans to wear a top or dress that is made of very sheer material they need to purchase a bra that is best suited for this style of dress. This means opting for a lightweight fabric that is smooth and will not cause any sort of scrunching or snags to occur. Lace is not the best option when wearing a sheer material as it can snag on the top, which will be unflattering. Overly thick or bulky bras made with a lot of material are the ideal choice for women that plan to wear multiple layers, or tops that are thicker in their design as well.

Not all bras are alike nor are they all suited to be worn underneath all types of clothing. Even if a bra fits correctly, if it is made of the wrong material it can cause your top not to fit smoothly. It is important to consider the material of the top or dress you are going to be wearing before picking your bra. If the Shirt is made of a clingy material, ensure that you get a very smooth cupped bra without seams to prevent unflattering appearances. By choosing bras and clothes where the materials complement one another, a woman will be able to present the best image to anyone that sees her. It is important to note that even though fabric does make a difference when purchasing a bra it does not change the fact that women can purchase bras that are sexy regardless of the fabrics used.