There’s no denying that accessories are one of the easiest ways to make or break an outfit, which might be why some women are so afraid to experiment with them. But you shouldn’t be! This fall, a major accessory that’s been spotted everywhere is…hats. Yes, one of the accessories that seems to inspire the most fear and confusion; but don’t worry, they’re super easy to wear!

Take your cue from stylish celebs like Alexa Chung and pair floppy fedoras and wide brimmed hats with everything in your closet. These hats look right at home with a boho look, like a maxi dress, sweater, chunky heeled boots, and plenty of eclectic jewelry. Or pair them with jeans and a blouse for instant style. Feeling a little more daring! Mix menswear and girly elements by combining one of these hats with a more feminine outfit, like a skirt and heels.

What should you look for in a fall hat? Wool blends with a silky lining are warm and won’t give you dreaded hat hair. A good basic black or brown hat will pair with a range of outfits. If you’re in the mood for something more unique, look for one with feathers or other embellishments on the band. And make sure the hat isn’t too wide; you don’t want to look like a spectator at the Kentucky Derby!

A few more tips for pulling off a hat: wear a little eye makeup, or at least some mascara, so your eyes aren’t lost in the shadow. Some under eye concealer is ideal as well. Skip big earrings in favor of bracelets, rings, or other jewelry that won’t compete with your hat. And finally, know that your hat is your secret weapon for bad hair days! Messy, wavy hair looks very boho chic and appropriate with a hat, so don’t fuss with the hair straightener. Just run your fingers through your waves, pop on your hat, and enjoy!