Pop singer Lady Gaga is practically synonymous with wacky and unusual fashion choices who could forget her Alexander McQueen “armadillo” heels, the meat dress, or her perpetually pants less outfits?

Now, one of Gaga’s off the wall fashion choices is finally trickling down to the high street. Heel less shoes, which are similar in design to a high heel except for the stiletto heel part, give wearers a boost of up to a foot in height and look nearly impossible to walk in. Thanks to the attention of Gaga and others celebs like Sarah Harding, Daphne Guinness, Amy Childs, and even Victoria Beckham have also been spotted in the strange footwear heel less shoes are now entering the mainstream through high street.

Gaga’s shoes come from young Japanese designer Noritaka Tatehana, who first created the ten inch heel less shoes and has now become one of Gaga’s favorite designers. His creations now sell for as much as $15,000 and thanks to Gaga’s spotlight, he is now a fixture on the global fashion stage. She reportedly loves his shoes so much that she owns fourteen pairs of the clog like shoes.

Now young fashionistas desperate to emulate their favorite stars can get their hands on their own, albeit much more reasonably priced pair of heel less shoes, as high street brands rush to roll out their own designs. Chinese Laundry, Office, Chockers, and Simmi are just a few brands to roll out heel less shoes, which start around eighty pounds and feature everything from leather cutouts to fierce studs and cheetah print.

The designs are thankfully much less extreme than Tatehana’s originals, which towered from ten to a whopping eighteen inches; Gaga’s shoes all fall into this range. The new high street models boast more sensible platforms of two to four inches, making them equivalent to the six or seven inch heels favored by top stars and also, giving you less height for a tumble if you have trouble walking in the heel less style.

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