When you want to buy sunglasses, knowing the size and shape of your face will enable you to find a pair that fits properly. Sunglasses that fit properly have the advantage of ensuring that you always look stylish. In order to be able to find sunglasses that are appropriate for your face, you need to have your face measured, establish the shape of your face and choose a suitable style of sunglasses.

Stylish Sunglasses for Different Faces

Measuring your face involves being aware of various dimensions such as the length of your face and width of your jaw line. These measurements make it possible for you to know what your size and shape are. After finding out the size of your face, you need to determine the shape.

  • A round face will be generally curvy with limited angles. The angles of a round face are not distinctly defined and this gives the face a curvier structure. Stylish sunglasses for a round face should not feature any curvy design because this will emphasize the roundness of the wearer’s face. Frames that have defined angles such as rectangular and square shaped will help make the face look longer and more sharply defined.
  • A square shaped face features a wide forehead and an angular jaw line. Rounder or oval shaped sunglasses are the ideal choice because they will diminish the sharpness of the jaw line and make the forehead appear narrower. This will give the face more balance and sunglasses such as aviators will achieve the goal of creating a rounder appearance for a square shaped face.
  • An oval shaped face is easy to find sunglass frames for because it adapts to all types of shapes. All types of sunglasses from cheap glasses stores will look stylish on an oval face and such a person will have several options to choose from.
  • A rectangular face is generally long and slim without many angles. Oversized sunglasses are a good and trendy option because they shorten the face and make it look slightly broader. If your face is rectangular shaped, you need to keep away from small frames because they will make your face look larger.
  • If your jaw line is narrow and your cheeks are wide you are classified as a diamond. Frames that are oval in shape will help to slim down your cheeks and balance out your features. Avoid wide frames that will draw too much attention to your cheekbones.
  • If your forehead is wide and your face gradually narrows down towards the chin, you have a heart shaped face. Wide sunglasses are ideal for you because they make your face look longer and draw attention away from the wider side of your face. Cat eye and round frames are an excellent choice for creating balance and style.

Finding the right sunglasses will complement the features of your face and make you feel trendy. You require the right size of sunglasses that will flatter your face and are ideal for your kind of lifestyle. There are stylish sunglasses for every face shape and size.