There are different types and styles of tungsten wedding bands to suit different tastes in fashion. An important quality of a great fashion piece is durability, and tungsten carbide does not disappoint in that area. The most durable tungsten rings exist in their natural form that comes in gun metal gray. White tungsten, as well, is extremely strong and resistant to scratching, making it quite popular.

Besides the gun metal gray color, most tungsten fashion rings come in a variety of colors, including black. Since tungsten rings also come in a wide collection of styles, they serve as unique fashion additions for men and women alike. Different styles such as traditional, beveled or textured ensure tungsten caters for a wide variety of needs. Further, the addition of precious stones can help define the character of one ring from another. Gemstones and diamonds can be inlaid or set into tungsten for extra sparkle and personality.

Below are different styles of tungsten wedding bands for different fashion tastes. You can also refer to the tungsten wedding bands 2015 guide to learn more about these and other styles.

  1. Traditional

Existing in gun metal gray or white, this style is perfect as a wedding band, especially for men. When embellished with diamonds, this style can also be suitable for a woman’s wedding band or a daily piece of jewelry.

As the rings exist in their natural color, no amount of physical work, body products or weather will damage them. This makes them extremely functional for everyone, in spite of their line of work.

  1. Textured

Tungsten rings can also be defined with the addition of textures. Different textures will cater for different tastes, depending on how bold a pattern is. A brushed finish, for instance, makes a ring more subtle, while grooves and engravings will make a ring bolder and stand out more. Texture also adds uniqueness.

  1. Colored rings

You don’t have to settle for the traditional color of tungsten. You can buy tungsten rings in a wide array of colors that complement items in your wardrobe. Black, for instance, is a favorite among men due to its bold appearance and its ability to fit into everyday wear.

  1. Tungsten set with stones

Gemstones, cubic zirconia and diamonds are some of the stones usually set into tungsten carbide rings. Depending on your style, you can buy a ring that is set with a single stone or go for one that has stones all around it.

  1. Inlayed tungsten

Tungsten can be inlayed with different materials to accentuate its appearance and provide additional style and uniqueness. Inlay materials could include mother of pearl, gold, wood, precious metals, ceramic and many others. If you like sparkle in your jewelry, you can also opt for tungsten inlayed with precious stones.

Inlayed tungsten also comes at a more affordable price tag than pure tungsten, making it possible for you to own inlayed tungsten rings in a variety of styles.


Tungsten rings are a great choice for wedding bands, but as they come in such a huge variety of styles, they are also great for casual everyday wear for both men and women. To learn more about tungsten rings, refer to the guide on tungsten rings.