fingerprint jewellery

Hi, do you love fingerprint jewelleries? If yes, then you must have also thought of making them by yourself, or ordering them from reputed manufacturers. As it is a sign of love and affection, you tend to have the fingerprints of your babies, your family and even your pets. It is wonderful. This is one method of immortalizing prints of your loved ones. Fingerprint jewelleries are awesome to buy and create. Therefore, let us look at some frequently asked questions by the people.

  • What Exactly Is Fingerprint Jewellery? Fingerprint jewelleries are splendid pieces created by designers. They capture the mark or the symbol representing a person’s identity on the silver art clay. Normally it’s a pendant with a fingerprint pressed on it. There can be human fingerprints, pet claw print or some other stuff that the person wants to engrave. Fingerprint jewellery has been the talk of town amidst celebrities, parents and people who want unique and beautiful silver piece to immortalize their loved ones.
  • OK, What Is The Process? Oh, it is very simple. The designer would prepare the clay into your desired shape press the finger or the fingerprint and mould into the shape. You can also tell them to scribble your words on it. When the charm is dried, the wet and dry sanded sheets smooth the edges until it gets ready for firing. The piece undergoes the process of polish turning it into pure silver. Now it is ready to attach with your bracelet, anklet or chain wrapped up in a beautiful gift box with a personal note.
  • Is There A Length Limit Of Name To Engrave? No, usually there is no limit. These designers are skilled in their work, take the prints in person, and engrave the name in the finest manner. If you wish, you can also engrave your child’s age on the pendant or the key rings with a short message. There is no extra charge for printing.
  • I Wish To Do It On My Own: Of course, you can. This would save you from incurring extra expenses. The process is just as similar as it was in the jewellery shop. You would need a finger to print, metal clay, plastic rolling pin, clay cutter, sandpapers or sharp sticks, brass brush and polishing papers. Use the reverse action tweezers to hold the hot clay after firing. You can browse online for its method or ask your local shopkeeper for the instruction manual. Soon you will get a fine artistic piece of fingerprint jewellery. Now how cool is that?

Pay attention. If you want your fingerprint jewelleryin a fine quality, leave them overnight for the drying process.

  • Can I Get A Ready Made Kit? Yes, from your local shopkeeper. Buy the fingerprint jewellery kit from Pastel Print manufacturer containing the putty for the fingerprint. You do not have to be a master with the crafts. Just, keep two fingerprints so that the manufacturer can use the best one.
  • Is It A Gift Item? It is possibly the cutest and a priceless gift that you can ever give to someone. Be it a wedding, a birthday party or a graduation present. Fingerprint jewellery would capture the heart of your loved ones.

As the silver metal is delicate, it needs protection. If you are wearing it on a daily basis or the metal has close proximity with other items, it would show the signs of weariness. So, handle with care.

About The Author: Ryan is a fashion advisor. Here, he gives information about how to create or buy the fingerprint jewelleryand surprise your loved ones.