Did you hear about Kim Kardashian’s last minute wedding dilemma? Turns out space issues forced the reality TV princess to trim her guest list!

When you’re planning your guest list, especially if you’re planning for a small soiree, trying to determine who makes the cut can be difficult. Everyone has an opinion, and often the list of potential invitees will far exceed the available space. Here are four things to keep in mind when trying to decide whom to invite and whom you can safely skip.

1. If you’re footing the bill for the wedding yourself, then you get 100% veto power over your guest list. But if your parents (or anyone else) will be paying, in full or in part (say, more than 25%), then they do have a say. Swallow your pride and work out a deal regarding your three distant great-aunts, or foot the bill yourself.

2. You aren’t obligated to include the friends you haven’t talked to since highschool. And the relatives whom you only hear from at Christmas (via mass-mailed postcard, of course)? Totally up to you.

3. Plus-ones are tricky territory. Say you send your invites, and two months before the wedding, one of your pals begins dating someone new and asks to bring him as her plus-one. Given the newness of the relationship and the closeness of the wedding date, it’s fine to politely explain that there’s just no room for a last-minute guest. On the other hand, if she’s been seeing him for two years, you’ll need a good reason like a restraining order to exclude him, or face her ire.

4. Split the guest list evenly with your groom. If he wants to invite twenty college buddies, you get twenty spots for your girlfriemds. But you don’t get to dominate the list and then knock off only his choices when trim time comes (and vice versa). Fair is fair!

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