online gamingFor gamers, when choosing their preferred devices for online gaming, size seems to matter. With larger display sizes, gamers find it not only easy to see the game but it also permits a better layout of control keys as well as handling. Some smartphones today have very large display screens in comparison to other models. One of these includes the Samsung Galaxy Note II which has become a preferred gaming device for many.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II has a substantial screen display that measures 5.55 inches. Coupled with its Super AMOLED display, the colours are vibrant and crisp. The display screen is not the only technology important for good gaming but the hardware that makes up the device is crucial. Specifically, ideal gaming devices should have a sufficient processor to making gaming move quickly. This is true for the Samsung Galaxy Note II which utilizes a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor. This device can handle any online casino games found on the internet. Additionally, the processor is further enhanced by the 2 GB of RAM which is twice the minimum level of RAM needed for online gaming. For gamers that prefer to download the app rather than access, they will find the storage space of 16 GB to be sufficient but may also expand upon it with the microSD slot found on the side of the gadget.

Given the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note II, the device works well for playing live poker at online casinos. It is imperative when playing this form of poker that one’s device move quickly to keep up. The forms of poker can vary. However, the most popular is a community card version of poker known as Texas Hold ‘Em. With this game, five cards are slowly revealed in the middle of the table which allows players to use them in building the highest ranking poker hand possible.