Not all women are made equal, and this is especially true in the case of body shapes and sizes. While celebrity magazines would have the ordinary woman believe that super slim is super sexy, there are still plenty of people who believe that curves are the ultimate female shape.

Dressing to show off body shapes

This is all just as well as a body shape is impossible to change. Yes, of course, people can slim to shed that extra inch, but shape is not about weight and if a woman has a tiny waist and generous hips then she is stuck with them. The only problem is that many stores seem to provide clothes designed for women who have figures more suited to boys than the average woman. Before they start buying clothes, whether underwear or outerwear, women need to discover their body shape.

So, how does a woman with an enviable hourglass figure dress beneath her outerwear? The first thing to do is not to choose underwear that is just simply practical and comfortable, but also makes the wearer feel good. Moreover, if the wearer feels good, then she will project an aura of confidence that will convince a partner that she looks great too.

The key to choosing sexy lingerie is for a woman to work out which parts of her body are her key assets and which are the ones that she feels lets her down a bit. For example, if a woman with an hourglass figure has a rear that is her best feature, she should opt for a pair of shorts as panties, teamed with a camisole or corset top. High-waist panty options are best for the fuller figure, as they are flattering and help to cover problem stomach areas. Garter belts are also great for flattening out podgy bellies and stockings always look sexy, especially when teamed with high heels.

If, however, a woman’s best feature is her bust then she should opt for a lacy bra that offers plenty of support. A demi-cut bra, for instance, will provide uplift and create a generous cleavage. A corset, however, is a great choice for women who have a large bust but little waist.

One of the most common concerns for curvy women is that they are not the super slim models of the catwalk, but ordinary women who are carrying a little more weight. However, women of this size are probably the best candidates for wearing sexy lingerie, and they need not find it difficult to buy lingerie that best suits their shape. For example, they can find plus size body stocking lingerie at plenty of online outlets that are not only comfortable and suited to the fuller figure, but sexy too.

No two female bodies are exactly alike, so what looks good on one woman may not look good on another. It is, therefore, vital that women dress for their body shape and not try to squeeze an hourglass figure into clothes more suited for a skinny figure.