Fashion designers take their inspiration from all kinds of things, from a passion for all things vintage to preferences for bright colours that will ensure that their designs stand out from the crowd and fly off the shelves. One particular influence for nearly all designers at some point in their careers, however, is the film industry.


When a movie is being produced, the directors want the best names and the biggest talents they can get their hands on to perform the roles and, of course, they need something to wear. A lot of the biggest names in world cinema have been made famous for their sense of style as well as their ability on the big screen and designers have been inspired to come up with designs tailored specifically for those actors and actresses or that have come about as ideas following on from another item they’ve worn in a movie.


You only have to pick up a glossy magazine or read the reviews and comments on movie blogs to see how interested people are in what the stars of the films are wearing because nearly every review has a section on the clothes and how the actors looked amazing or horrific in what they were given.


Indian cinema is famous for being as focussed on fashion as it is with the films they produce, and many of the biggest names in Bollywood are seen as models rather than actors, with many regularly splitting their time between the two industries. Indian movie producers have observed the industry over the past 100-years and realised that the musical, fun nature of the films that have become the signature of Bollywood have opened the door for fashion designers to get involved with their latest creations, dressing the stars in bright, beautiful sarees and ensuring that the male stars are wearing the sharpest suits, with this plainly evident if you look at the various styles worn in Bollywood film on


In the States, actors are also seen as fashion icons with various stars having appeared in commercial television adverts and magazines wearing some of the biggest global brands. Even if they don’t directly inspire members of the public to go out and buy the exact suit or dress that their favourite star was seen wearing, they might be encouraged to buy a pair of shoes or piece of jewellery from a designer who likes to take their ideas from Hollywood blockbusters and then make affordable alternatives to the big brands for fashion-lovers without the A-list budgets.


Films like The Great Gatsby and James Bond have put a lot of emphasis on the clothing worn by the main actors, with suits in particular proving to be the most important in these examples. The sharp styles have prompted designers to pay more attention to menswear with many believing that they’ve spent too much time neglecting the male market, especially when you have global superstars like Brad Pitt and David Beckham who attract as much interest for what they’re wearing as they do for their full-time professions.