Choosing what you’re going to wear to work each morning can be tough. It become more and more difficult to find something that looks unique and interesting. Which can often result in us losing interest in how we look at work. If we are in a rush it’s easy to just throw on the first thing we see, whether it looks good or not. Plus the shops have got that much choice it’s hard to know what you should be buying. If having a work wardrobe that can look different each time you wear it is what you want to achieve, then look no further. Follow this how to guide and create yourself a wardrobe that looks effortlessly chic all day everyday.

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Pencil Skirts


The pencil skirt has been an office wear favourite for decades. If something works why change it. This item can be worn with virtually anything, from bold t shirts to floral blouses. Classic black is the most versatile option but try experimenting with other colours too. Deep green and berry red pencil skirts look great with crisp white shirts. Also don’t refrain from texture and pattern, just make sure it’s work appropriate. Florals and geometrics are fashion forward and look fabulous with a simple top. Knitted pencil skirts are an ideal staple for when the temperatures drop and keep you feeling warm and cosy. Keeping your pencil skirts ironed and stored correctly so you can grab it at any moment.


White shirt


Another absolute must-have piece you will need is a white shirt. But again, don’t be afraid to try something different. Look for different collars such as a pussy bow to add a new dimension to your look. Also look for options which has decorative details such as pearl buttons and embroidery to add to interest to this basic. If you’re a fan of colour in your work wear, use your white shirt as a clean backdrop for colourful statement necklaces or earrings. Team with anything from jeans to slacks to create both a formal and informal look, depending on where you work. It might be beneficial to buy more than one so you always have one to hand. The key is keeping your shirt looking pristine white and fresh, so wash and iron carefully.


Fitted Midi dress


Modest dresses are a staple of any work place. You don’t want to head to the office looking like you’re on your way out to a club. Midi dresses offer a work appropriate length and are a comfortable alternative to shirts and slacks. Choose a fitted design that fits you perfectly while also looking chic and stylish. You can’t go wrong with black and grey designs but again don’t be put off trying colour and patterns. You can wear the dress by itself or with additional separates such as blazers, cardigans and jumpers. Team with a pair of nude heels to complete the look. This will become a piece you could not do without.


With these items in your wardrobe you can create a countless number of stylish work wear outfits. Stick to traditional tailoring but look for modern detailing and you’ll look unique and timeless every time you enter the room.