Have you ever looked into your closet and thought, “I have nothing to wear”, even though it was packed so tightly with clothes you could barely shut the door? Then it’s time for a closet detox. You probably have plenty of things to wear, but they’re buried from view!

Start by taking everything out. Anything that’s too dirty or torn for repair should be tossed out.

Try on everything that’s left, then make two piles: clothes that fit and clothes that don’t. Unless you’re losing or gaining weight and know your size will fluctuate over the next year (say, after a new baby), put the clothes that don’t fit into a box. They can be donated to a local thrift store.

Now sort the remaining clothes into three piles: one for the clothes you love and wear often, one for dressy pieces you rarely wear, and one for clothes you haven’t worn in a full year.

Clothes you wear often, like favorite jeans or blouses, should be hung at the front of the closet. Pieces you love but don’t wear for everyday occasions can go to the back. Organize items by type (pants, tops, skirts) and then by color for easy selection.

If you haven’t worn an item for a full year, ask yourself why you keep it. Do you think you’ll need it? Is there a sentimental attachment (like a gift) to the item? Set these items aside. Once you’ve hung up all of your “like” clothes and seen how much room you have, ask yourself if you really want to pack in that pile of unworn clothes. If you realize that you probably won’t get around to wearing them, add them to the donation box.

Look at how much more room you have! Now it’s time to organize with fun accessories and containers like double hanging rods, clear shoe boxes, and over-the-door clothes hooks. Once you’re organized, choosing outfits will be a snap.