Jewelry RentalGetting the right purse, shoes, hat, jewelry or other accessory makes a good dress into the perfect ensemble. You can spend a fortune on them. Or, you can do some research and legwork to get the right pieces for a bargain price and still look great. Refuse to buy less-than-perfect pieces or something that doesn’t quite match. You can get what you want and not spend an arm and a leg. If you take the time to shop carefully, you may even find something that you keep long after the event you’re dressing to attend.

Shop Second-Hand Stores

Every urban area has a network of retail shops. Start there. Specifically look for boutique style second-hand stores. These are great places to find not only quality second-hand clothing but, also, the accessories that go with them. Check the stock they carry first. If you shop often, you may get an inside track on new arrivals in the stores. So, you can get a chance at getting upscale accessories before they get grabbed up by other buyers. If you’re looking specifically for jewelry, you should also check with pawn shops and go to antique stores. What stores carry is different for different geographic areas. Head for your city’s more upscale districts or suburbs. You’ll have a better selection of finer accessories to choose from. If calling ahead to talk to the staff of second-hand shops is an option for you, you may find them willing to give you a heads-up about what’s in stock at the moment which could save you time and gas money. And, building a friendship can also help you get notice about sales and clearance discounts. Take the time to chat and be friendly and you may not only help them build business but build your wardrobe, too.

Shop the Internet

If you look around online, you’ll find some more extensive choices. Information about sales and reviews of discount retailers is easy to find online. So are coupons for brick-and-mortar retailers. Do some research and you can find a good way to get exactly what you want. You can also rent from online stores. Jewelry rental is affordable and lets you try something out that you might not be able to buy. It’s more affordable than buying, and you can take your pick from a terrific selection of styles and materials. Look for the same quality you’d want in something you’d buy. Choosing rental jewelry should still mean choosing high-quality. Get something that makes you feel like you look your best, whatever the occasion.

Buying accessories to go with an ensemble is harder than finding the ensemble itself sometimes. You have to not only match it, but accentuate it at the same time you highlight your own attributes. Fortunately, an investment in good accessories gets you something you can wear with other clothing and on other occasions. Unlike trying to buy the perfect dress for a wedding party that you can’t wear again, getting the perfect hat, handbag or necklace is getting something that can attractively complete other looks.