How big is the Internet? This is one of those questions that have several answers, depending on how you read the question. However you cut it, the answer is ‘big’, but nobody knows precisely how big. Think about that: We can sequence the human genome and send probes to Mars, but we cannot work out how big something we invented fifty years ago is today.

Because of its sheer size, it’s frankly amazing that we can find anything out there on the internet. Most of us are savvy enough these days not to click on anything really suspicious, but there are still a host of traps out there for unwary people seeking out the best discount shopping sites. It’s best, therefore, to stick with brand names you trust and never give out any details that you don’t absolutely have to: Often websites with forms for you to fill in have boxes marked with a red asterisk (*) that you have to fill in to move forward. It’s generally good advice to fill in only those ones and ignore all of the others that are asking for extra detail.


There are many techniques and tools to keep you safe online, whether you’re just browsing Twitter or trying to find the best online stores Canada has to offer. But why they may keep you safe from fraudsters, none of those can actually help you find a great online bargain. So how do you do it? Well, is definitely one site that can help you find great deals at hundreds of online stores. It’s a cashback site, which means it pays you to use certain stores online. The way it works is very simple: the online store pays Ebates to direct its users to the store, then Ebates uses that money to pay you back a certain percentage of what you spend at the store. Easy. It’s also unique to online shopping and just one of the many great reasons to get your goods via the web.


But the amazing bargains don’t stop there: Ebates – just like any other cashback site – also offers a range of deals in the form of online coupons and vouchers, which work online by using unique identifier codes rather than little slips of paper. That way even after you’ve gotten your 2-5% cashback (depending on the store), you can get still more savings using vouchers and coupons. It all adds up to a pretty great deal which you won’t be able to find the equivalent of anywhere offline.


The best deals online Canada has available are only a few clicks away: Online shopping has never been easier, safer or cheaper. Just remember to stick to sites you know are reliable, never take a deal that seems too good to be true and don’t tell a site anything you wouldn’t tell a total stranger. That way, you’ll keep more of your money where it belongs – in your wallet – avoid all of the scams and get all the best in online deals, too.