Struggling to find the right style to suit you? If so, read on. These tips will show you how to use your personality to develop your look. Forget about trends and fashions, this is about finding the right style in a timeless sense. Read to give yourself a makeover? Then let’s dive in right away.

Avoid fashion trends


First of all, stop buying every last piece of clothing you can find that fits with the latest trends. Some will suit you, most will not. Besides, who wants to look like everyone else? True style lasts the distance while fashions come and go with the seasons. So, make sure your wardrobe is well stocked with the basics, and only use on-trend pieces to compliment your look, not smother it.


Work out your personality


You probably have a good idea of the kind of person that you are. But have a deeper think, and ask yourself how you would like to be seen by others. After all, that’s exactly what clothes do – they give an impression. People that dress according to what the fashion magazines tell them to are living somebody else’s personality. And, in our book at least, that’s a crime against who they really are.


Craft your wardrobe


Now you have a good idea of what you want to emit with your clothes; it’s time to stock up for your wardrobe. One good idea is to come up with a signature look that you can turn to at any time, and spend the majority of your money on buying the best quality you can. Don’t be put off by price, but don’t think that spending a lot means quality, either. Do your research and look for the best value. Great clothes should last you many years, and outside of an accident, they will do if they made from high-quality fabrics.


Fitted and unique


Another thing to think about is the fit of your clothes. You might want to consider making friends with a tailor or seamstress who can adjust your clothes to your body shape. With a good fit, you can get away with being a lot braver with your clothing choices. Also, why not design your clothes yourself? A cashmere poncho is a lot cheaper to make yourself than buying new in the shops, and with a little stitching practice you can really make it work. Not skilled in needlework? Well, there are plenty more options to stamp a little uniqueness onto your look. You could design your own t-shirt, for example. Or make some cool accessories to add to your jewelry. All that’s stopping you from unique pieces is your imagination.


Be true to yourself


The last point we want to make is to be true to yourself. If you feel comfortable with what you are wearing, then go for it, no matter what anyone else says. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the bar, on the beach, or at work. As long as it makes you feel great, it will show. Because after all, attitude is the core principle of style.

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