Some clothes seem to be made for strictly one season and one season only. Examples: bikinis (summer), sweater (winter). But now two seasonal pieces summer shorts and autumn boots are finding themselves paired together as a hot new trend.

If wearing shorts with boots sounds way too fashion-y and celeb inspired, don’t worry it’s actually an easy and fun trend to wear, as long as you follow a few simple rules.

– Have fun with it! It started as an LA trend, but since this look has come across the pond, it’s evolved considerably. So don’t limit yourself: try ankle booties, low heeled cowboy boots, or flat boots. Wear different fabrics and colors of shorts. And don’t be afraid to add boho or rocker accessories like a great hat, a scarf, or major earrings it all adds to the cool girl vibe.

– Don’t go too short or too tight. Itsy bitsy shorts are fine on a starlet, but for the mortals among us, it’s probably wise to make sure those shorts are long enough to be considered a piece of clothing. And make sure the tailoring is somewhat relaxed!

– Skip the tall boots. Tall boots especially, gulp, with heels take this trend into tacky territory, so keep it classy with short boots and low heels.

– Add a cute top. A screen tee, a blouse, a crochet sweater all three are perfect toppers for the shorts-and-boots combo.

– Don’t limit yourself to the daytime! Take a cue from British pop starlet Jade Williams, who wore sequined shorts and ankle booties to Karl Lagerfield’s opening at Selfridges last month. Glam it up for night with glitter, leather, and a pair of heeled ankle boots, or add a tailored blazer to complete the look, a la Saturdays girl Mollie King.

– Take it into the autumn. Add opaque tights and a fitted jacket and you’re ready to wear this trend into the cooler autumn months.

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