Writing a love letter is an art. It is one of those touching acts that can really make the special person in your life feel completely loved and cherished. Also it is a timeless gesture that invokes a quaint charm in this fast paced modern world. So if you are planning on writing a letter for your lover, it is important to keep a few essential things in mind. After all you want it to come across as a lovely portrayal of feelings, and not just complete mush. So here is a detailed look at how to write the perfect love letter.

1. Presentation: The format, font and colors used in the letter are very important. Try to use beautiful stationery that will set the right mood. Flair pens with no flashy colors should be used so that the letter has a touch of elegance and sophistication. And it goes without saying that the letter must be written in hand. After all it is a proclamation of your feelings towards a special someone, not a boring business letter.

2. Ambience: You should get yourself into the right mood so that the letter comes out as poignant and beautiful. You cannot write an honest love letter if you are getting late for work and need to finish it off as soon as possible. So go to secluded place where you will not be disturbed. Put on some mellow music and just let your mind wander for some time thinking about the person you love and how good you feel when you are with that person. This should give you the inspiration to star cracking on that letter.

3. Date: This is an important point that often gets overlooked. This letter is something that is going to read over and over again for years to come. So it is a good idea to write down the date on it. Keep this habit for all your letters. This way, your collection of love letters actually ends up becoming a chronology of the relationship itself.

4. Body of the Letter: There are many things you can write about in the body. It could just be remembering some special moments you shared together, some of the reasons you fell in love or just recollecting the joys of this beautiful relationship. You could even list the qualities of the person that you find truly appealing. But remember to avoid being casual or too erotic as far as the content of the letter goes. After all it is deep symbol of your love so you should give it that respect. Also you can also quote in a beautiful poem as nothing can quite express love the way poetry can.

5. Revise: After finishing your letter, leave it for a few hours and come back and read it again. This allows you to put in any revisions that you want.

The importance of writing a love letter can never be discounted. It is a deep and wonderful act that showcases your affection. For more information on romantic subjects, feel free to go through our online resource, the anatomy of Love.